• The other 2, 650 have turned to the courts to break open markets, with increasing success.

    FORBES: Bottled up

  • Last year bloggers posted videos showing how to break open a Kryptonite lock using a ballpoint pen.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • And Burress is one of those guys who can break open a game.

    NPR: Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots Edge Out Giants

  • These can be designed to break open only where their payload is needed.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • The question that has plagued Liberals for more than half a century is how a third party can break open a two-party system.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Rather than break open in their rush to grow, it seems the carbon cages stay locked, meaning they expand seamlessly, rather than crack and grow new facets.

    ENGADGET: Alt-week 8.4.12: buckyballs, bosons and bodily fluids Alt

  • Any business looking to go freemium has to set user expectations from the very moment it opens that users will need to break open their wallet, or trust will break down.

    FORBES: Would Anyone Pay For Twitter?

  • In my lab days, I always wondered about the wisdom of using nonoxynol-9 as a spermatocide because we used to use a related compound, octoxynol-9 (better known to labbies as Triton X-100), to break open human epithelial cancer cells to examine the proteins inside them.

    FORBES: Sex Safety and Personal Lubricants

  • Louisville never trailed and led by as many as six throughout most of the first half before Siva helped break the game open.

    NPR: No. 8 Louisville Beats No. 24 Notre Dame 73-57

  • The latter option has lead to something of a land rush of companies and individuals looking to break things wide open with an affordable, consumer-facing offering.


  • You Are Not a Gadget is a manifesto in the starkest sense of the term: Lanier fully articulates his final and somewhat absolute break with the open source movement typified by what he describes as the "Libertarians" of Silicon Valley and the proponents of Web 2.0.

    ENGADGET: Book Review: You Are Not a Gadget Alt

  • In addition, we're working to break down barriers and open overseas markets so our companies can better compete globally, creating jobs in America by exporting our products around the world.

    WHITEHOUSE: Job Creation and Economic Growth

  • With a fired-up team possessing a fresh set of downs inside the red zone, the bears looked like a shoe-in to put the ball in the end zone in the early going Monday and to effectively break the game wide open.

    FORBES: Casinos Still Offer Jackpots, Kinross Stays Golden

  • He arrived at the Houston Open having failed to break 70 in his last nine rounds on the PGA Tour.

    NPR: Points Wins The Houston Open

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