• Napster, hatched by a teenager, signals a new era of peer-to-peer computing--a Net that functions just fine without big expensive servers.

    FORBES: Digital Rules

  • If it requires a big expensive acquisition, they need to move quickly to do that and retain the key top talent.

    FORBES: The 5 Big Problems Facing Apple - None Of Which Is Too Much Cash

  • For Jobs, he had a big expensive airplane and he was involved in the whole stock option back-dating scandal last decade.

    FORBES: The Fallacy of 'The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives'

  • Big expensive cars which drive superbly on the autobahn are not the same as the big cheap cars that most Americans prefer to drive.

    ECONOMIST: A new kind of car company

  • We may find that Riccitiello was, in fact, providing cover to the producers of these big, expensive releases into the choked pool of big-budget core gaming, and his departure will accelerate a focus on reliable, iteration-friendly sporting franchises such as Madden NFL and FIFA Soccer and on mobile gaming.

    FORBES: John Riccitiello Steps Down As EA CEO - Why, And What Now?

  • One day while fishing in the Yellowstone River, Field thought about his big, expensive--and mostly idle--press.

    FORBES: Entrepreneurs

  • But big, expensive projectiles are looking a little useless against the small, mobile and urban threats of today.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Assuring that the energy supplies are there to underpin economic growth is, in itself, a big and expensive challenge.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Big wheels also mean big, expensive tires that need replacement more often and give dealers yet another profit stream.

    WSJ: Car Paint Color: Don't Paint It Black��Me & My Car

  • For example, last week news started trickling out that a big, expensive settlement was expected sometime between now and September.

    FORBES: Connect

  • But even one significant loss can cause a big and expensive headache.

    ECONOMIST: Human-rights law

  • The big, expensive bet he made by buying Dutch drug maker Organon is looking all the more important (see "Fix It, Fred").

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • If an animal is carrying around something as big and expensive as a brain, why not use it for increasing his likelihood of mating?

    BBC: Earth News - Bird brains prove to be very sexy

  • Whatever happens with the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony, their beefier hardware will encourage big, expensive games from developers with resources to burn.

    FORBES: Forget Microsoft and Sony: OUYA Hitting Retail in June

  • The two countries also share the experience of running big, expensive, religious, materialistic and messy democracies in which central governments are constrained by powerful states.

    ECONOMIST: India abroad

  • At times portrayed as a big, expensive, complicated software company, SAP is being successfully implemented in some of the most remote villages by simple Ghanaian farmers.

    FORBES: Smart Phones and Mobile Devices Create Smooth Transactions in Rugged Terrain

  • Thompson wanted Thor's Four Winds brand of motor homes to start building big, expensive diesel buses when he saw the market for diesels heat up a few years ago.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • Until now, most of China's explosive growth in auto sales has been concentrated in the wealthier coastal areas near Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, where big, expensive sedans are popular.

    FORBES: Thanks, Now Move Over

  • Neeta Reheja has planned more million dollar weddings that she cares to remember, but she can still get nervous when a big, expensive show is about to go off.

    FORBES: The Woman Behind India's Celebrity Weddings

  • On the current trajectory and policy for electricity, then that seems a reasonable bet, as chronic under-investment, poor foresight and the de-carboning commitments combine towards a big and expensive catch-up.

    BBC: SSE's energetic counter-attack

  • Electronic Arts' Guitar Hero spinoff (created by Harmonix, the original makers of Guitar Hero), Rock Band is a great big, expensive music videogame that will take up serious room in your house.

    CNN: GameTap Guide: The top five 'T' games of 2007

  • Too often, I think, all the emphasis is on making everything big and expensive and pumping all those dollars into sets and wardrobe and somehow the writing plays second or third or fourth fiddle.

    FORBES: Is Television Too Ambitious?

  • We also wanted to publish an app as efficiently as possible no big, expensive, heavily staffed, in-house solutions that other publishers concocted but are now prevented by pride from doing away with.

    FORBES: Connect

  • "PLM has been perceived as a big, expensive technology akin to an ERP-scale effort, " she says, referring to enterprise resource planning, another alphabet-soup software that tries to unite a company's operations on one computer system.

    FORBES: 7 Digital 7

  • Again, diversity of supply has played a crucial role: the development of gas and other power sources has refuted the argument which held that governments must take charge because cheap electricity requires big, expensive plants.

    ECONOMIST: At last, a market for energy

  • So far this year, GM has been able to stem the slide of the sales of big, expensive sport utility vehicles, with a raft of all-new models like the Chevy Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Two big, expensive schemes designed to reduce malnutrition a public distribution system (PDS) that provides subsidised food to the poor and a vast midday-meal scheme, to which 120m schoolchildren are signed up are hampered by inefficiency and corruption.

    ECONOMIST: Child malnutrition in India

  • "I think the drug companies are going to do some big, expensive trials, but until they're done with real objectivity, I worry, " says Raymond Woosley , vice president of health sciences at the University of Arizona and a noted drug-safety expert.

    FORBES: The Heavy Weight Of Clinical Trials

  • Merck has so far declined to conduct a big, expensive study to establish that Gardasil can prevent HPV infection in the throat, probably because it would be difficult to use such a study to get regulatory approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

    FORBES: The Real Reason Boys Should Get The HPV Vaccine

  • Big firms with expensive lawyers can usually navigate the system, but small players flounder.

    ECONOMIST: American politics

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