• She was a lot better-looking than any of the women politicians in this country.

    NEWYORKER: Bullfighting

  • He also played shortstop, appeared in every game and is even better-looking than Derek Jeter to boot.


  • Otherwise, the retailers will continue to lose consumers who see that Amazon and other online retailers are better-looking alternatives.

    FORBES: Businesses Need to Look Good Naked

  • Antiaging drugs and genetic modifications that will make future generations healthier, better-looking, smarter, more artistic, perhaps even more caring.

    FORBES: The Moral Limits of Wealth

  • In addition, Revel makes it easy to create better-looking photos - users can crop, apply Looks (filters) or use sliders that control lighting, color and clarity.

    ENGADGET: Adobe Revel 1.5 released with new UI, text captions and auto-syncing albums

  • Remember, public companies legally have two sets of books--one set for the tax man and a better-looking set for shareholders, and these are based on what they report to the tax man.

    FORBES: Stealth Stock Boom Set To Fly

  • Berkowitz drew a portrait of a company where meeting the quarterly earnings targets was everything--a place where the pressure to meet those forecasts drove Enron's managers to making ruinous deals at the last hour, so they could put better-looking numbers in the books.

    NPR: Skilling Continues to Assert Innocence at Enron Trial

  • The Japanese makers dominated the mid-sized car segment years, but lately, U.S. carmakers have been showering more love on their passenger cars, and it shows in their latest models like the Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu, which are better-looking, better-equipped and more refined than their predecessors.

    FORBES: Family Car Showdown: These Cars Will Change The Way You Think About Sedans

  • She works for a top investment bank—far more well-known than any of the places the guys worked, had a better education pedigree and is good-looking too.

    FORBES: Wondering What Men Think About Successful Women?

  • Over the past year, however, as the U.S. economy mounted a recovery, the broad market has perked up and—in line with historical trends—done better than the suddenly stodgy-looking shares of the maker of Yoplait yogurt, Cheerios cereal and Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

    FORBES: Green Giant And Betty Crocker Can't Risk Raising Prices

  • As for plastic surgery, no doubt it can make us feel better for looking better, but it's hardly essential--much like a meal at a fancy restaurant or a trip to the south of France.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And Mr Stoiber is getting better at looking like a chancellor-in-waiting.

    ECONOMIST: The right in Germany

  • But Colgate is looking like a better short-term capital appreciation play based on the charts appearing to be in much better shape because the stock has lagged the broader advance.

    FORBES: Colgate Brushes Up On Dollar Trade

  • In a paper published this month in the journal Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, Buchholz, Spalding and their colleagues showed that after examining 44 teeth from 41 people they could determine ages within about two years--far better than more common methods like looking at patterns of wear and the changes that proteins in the teeth undergo as people age.

    FORBES: Out Of The Labs

  • The glossy postcards, though terribly bright, flat, and cheap-looking, will give you a better view.

    NEWYORKER: See the Other Side

  • Although biotechs like Amylin (nasdaq: AMLN - news - people ) are looking for better diabetes medicines, insulin is likely to remain one of the best ways to treat both adult and childhood diabetes.

    FORBES: America's Riskiest Drugs: Insulin

  • But even if it is, the whole idea raises that interesting question and suggests, to me at least, a better way to deal with the problem than weird-looking instruments of torture that enforce certain postures and hand gestures.

    FORBES: Is This a Brilliant Solution to an Age-Old Speaking Problem, or Just Crazy Jewelry?

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