• W. Andrews, one of the Ford investigators (they were later to be given the less provocative title of "advisors"), told his story.

    WSJ: Henry Ford's Experiment to Build a Better Worker

  • In truth, many reasonable voices object to some of his ideas, such as the banning of the Qur'an, and his tone can be provocative in ways that play into the hands of those hoping to divert attention from the radical Islamic threat.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: David B. Harris on the Geert Wilders Trial

  • Diplomats and North Korea observers had anticipated Tuesday's nuclear test as Pyongyang appeared to be repeating a pattern of provocative actions seen before the previous explosions.

    WSJ: North Korea Tests Nuclear Device

  • Diplomats and observers in other countries had considered such an explosion likely as Pyongyang appeared to be repeating a pattern of provocative actions seen before the previous explosions.

    WSJ: North Korea Tests Nuclear Device

  • It's like, "Be conservative, don't take risk, don't be provocative, don't be controversial, ", as there is an innate fear of getting anything wrong.

    WSJ: Managing in Asia: A Focus on People Keeps Little Guy Flying High

  • The question is why Mr Lee, who must leave office shortly after elections in December, is going out of his way to be so provocative.

    ECONOMIST: Strained relations between Japan and South Korea

  • Provocative actions, especially settlement activities, should be stopped all togethe Israeli bombing of civilian targets in Lebanon.

    CNN: Transcript: Clinton, Mubarak news conference

  • The discussion will continue at a summit to be held in September in advance of the Frankfurt Motor Show a provocative attempt to marry intellectualism with new car technology.

    FORBES: Audi Urban Future Initiative in New York City

  • Yet the most provocative aspect of his vision, that avant-garde art could be a truly popular and collective experience, may be more distant than ever in the fragmentary multi-channel long-tail present.

    FORBES: If You Think 'Breaking Bad' Is Edgy, You Obviously Haven't Seen Nam June Paik's 'Magnet TV'

  • As for Al Jazeera International's editorial agenda, don't expect things to be all that different from its Arabic sister channel, whose provocative content is famously critical of Middle Eastern governments and, of course, the U.S. "They're going to be bold in their reporting, " a spokeswoman said.

    FORBES: Al Jazeera In English

  • In a provocative list of debating topics, Professor Caplan asks his students whether the economy would be more efficient if education were taxed.

    FORBES: The Overeducated Peacock

  • Consider just a few of Cap's thoughtful, if provocative, statements on what may well be the most momentous decision now facing American and Western policy-makers: Which side will we be on as democratic forces struggle to transform -- and possibly to terminate -- the Soviet Union in the face of mounting resistance to such changes by the central authorities in Moscow led by Mr. Gorbachev?

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Which side will we be on?

  • And even though he has not dared ask her fearing she might flare up, presuming his question to be provocative Zaak supposes that she is here for a lengthy period, considering the weight and number of suitcases that she has brought along.

    NPR: Somalia's Farah: Humanizing a Broken Place

  • The Vertu Ti raises a provocative question relevant to the estimated one billion smartphone users in the world: Should our smartphones be less of a disposable consumable something that will soon become obsolete and thoughtlessly replaced and more of a durable good, an investment that transcends minor gadget trends?

    WSJ: Vertu Ti: Upwardly Mobile | Geek Chic

  • The idea of rights for whales is certainly a provocative one, and is reminiscent of the Australian philosopher Peter Singer's proposal that human rights be extended to the great apes chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orang-utans.

    ECONOMIST: A declaration of the rights of cetaceans

  • Some observers view the shelling by North Korea as part of a longstanding pattern by the hermit kingdom of taking provocative actions when negotiations with its neighbors and the U.S. appear to be at an impasse.

    FORBES: North Korea's Attack Brushed Aside By Asian Investors

  • Let us hope it will also be a force for peace and harmony in a world that is clearly headed for a new, vigorous and provocative pluralism of values, cultures and civilizations.

    CNN: Building On A Golden Age

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