• That includes everything from a mundane money market fund to something as complex as a Madoff-linked bank note.

    FORBES: Develop a "Fiduciary Response" or You Will Get Scammed

  • Your premium income for writing this risky put option takes the form of an enhanced yield on the bank note.

    FORBES: Guaranteed to Go Up

  • Shortly after taking the throne in 1953, the queen ordered a Canadian bank note redrawn because she thought her hair made her look like an image of Satan.

    FORBES: Living People On Legal Tender

  • The author Mark Twain wrote a short story, The Million Pound Bank Note (later made into a film starring Gregory Peck), in which a penniless sailor is given the note, little knowing he is the subject of a bet between two brothers.

    BBC: Britain's ?1m and ?100m banknotes

  • Whether I did it just so that I could bring back the Cyprus Pound, or whether I used it just as a negotiating tool with the Troika, I would very noisily make enquiries of De La Rue about the prices on an emergency bank note printing contract.

    FORBES: Krugman And The Cyprus Endgame: But What If 'Doing An Iceland' Succeeds?

  • "The resultant four national players would continue to exert weak pricing power, " says a new Deutsche Bank research note.

    FORBES: Life With Sprextel

  • Congress is being asked to look into Swiss banking giant UBS amid questions over its handling of bank-note transactions for Cuba.


  • Snap-up bank-note holders that press while they sterilise are also available, as are bug-killing tissues, floors, wallpaper, stuffed toys, bicycle child seats, sand boxes, origami paper and steering wheels.

    ECONOMIST: The Japanese are a super-clean lot. Obsessively so?

  • After reviewing my initial promissory note from Chase Bank, it has come to my attention that on the promissory note it states that the loans provided by the bank would not be sold to another provider unless the loans had come into default.

    FORBES: America's Existential Peril: 29 Years Old, In Debt, and Disheartened

  • Structured products sound appealing at first , but they are inextricably tied to the credit risk of the bank issuing the note.

    FORBES: Rethinking Long-Only Equity

  • Robyn Karnauskas at Deutsche Bank wrote in a note to investors that the label change was mostly expected and investors already expect a decline in Epogen use.

    FORBES: Amgen Reaffirms Guidance As New Labels Will Limit Anemia Drug Sales

  • Studies by the Brookings Institution, Johns Hopkins, and even the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco note the link between lack of opportunity and violence.

    CNN: Nothing stops a bullet like a job

  • Analysts at Standard Bank (SA) note that silver stockpiles remain high (especially in China) and that demand from the industrial sector for the white metal is tepid at best.

    FORBES: Opinion: In The Lead - Oh, Canada!

  • "Fixed fundamentals are the key to our Reduce 2 rating, with accelerating mobile substitution, cable threat and unbundling all pressuring the division, " the Swiss investment bank said in a note.

    FORBES: Deutsche Telekom Dives On Profit Warning

  • Barbara Ryan of Deutsche Bank wrote in a note to investors this morning that Schering-Plough is "no longer a growth story, but a cost-cutting one" and that she doesn't see the company's shares being awarded a higher multiple.

    FORBES: Schering Glitters, But Is It Gold?

  • "The consumer is doing reasonably well, " Joseph LaVorgna, an economist at Deutsche Bank, said in a note to clients.

    NPR: US Consumers Boost Spending 0.2 Pct. Last Month

  • Barclays analysts note that the bank is showing signs of loan growth and expect better results than the Street anticipates.

    FORBES: Sector Outlook

  • Israel wants Gazans to note the West Bank's improvement and to back Fatah.

    ECONOMIST: The Palestinians' West Bank

  • "We believe this action reaffirms our view that corporate governance concerns remain at SK Telecom, " said investment bank Morgan Stanley in a note to investors.

    BBC: SK strife spreads to telecoms

  • Deutsche Bank said in a research note Friday that the disconnect between gold and silver regarding risk reversal is at levels not see in five years.

    FORBES: Silver, PGMs Still Under Pressure

  • "The outcome had long been expected ... fears of more G7 interventions prompted traders to buy back the euro, " said Hirokazu Note at Sumitomo Bank in Japan.

    BBC: Euro stable after Danish 'no'

  • In some countries bank failures caused losses to note-holders, but the losses were small compared with those inflicted by the central banks that later took over note issuance.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Barbara Ryan, the pharmaceuticals analyst at Deutsche Bank, wrote in a note to investors that she expects Pfizer to at least spin off the baby formula and o-t-c units.

    FORBES: Will Pfizer Break Up?

  • Mark Schoenebaum, a biotechnology analyst at Deutsche Bank, wrote in a note to investors that the company's sales guidance is "conservative" because it represents an increase of only 103 patients taking Lumizyme in addition to 170 who are already getting the drug as part of a compassionate use program.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • An exchange-traded note is an unsecured bank IOU with returns pegged to some index.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Goldman Sachs analyst Brian Foran said in a note Thursday that the bank likely wiill need more capital.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • According to a research note published by Deutsche Bank Tuesday, expect another rate cut when the FOMC meets next week.


  • BP's exposure to the "uncertainties" of Russian politics is also a point of concern, analysts at Deutsche Bank said in a recent research note.

    BBC: Analysis

  • According to a research note released by Deutsche Bank last week, China should provide more than half of the industry's total gains over the next 10 years.

    BBC: Tiffany expects profits to be hit by Japan events

  • According to a research note published by Deutsche Bank (nyse: DB - news - people ) Tuesday, expect another rate cut when the FOMC meets next week.

    FORBES: Confidence Game

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