• Such a mechanism would let policy makers affect markets faster and more directly.

    WSJ: Investors Seek Clarity From People's Bank of China

  • Heads of government are intervening in European affairs more often and more directly.

    ECONOMIST: Coreper, Europe��s managing board

  • All of this is a testament to the wily ways of the sophisticated followers of the scandal and more directly to the exacting, effective investigation of the bankruptcy trustee and eagerness of those who took out a great deal of money to get this unpleasant mess behind them.

    FORBES: Vultures Circle Madoff Clients To Buy Their Claims

  • "I'd rather spend the money on the infrastructure, on direct investment, on energy conversion and other kinds of things much more directly and much more rapidly and much more certainly create a real job, " said Sen.

    CNN: Key Democrats blast Obama stimulus plan

  • The Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), which helped the CIA arrest Mullah Baradar, is widely understood to be well outside the control of the government and is more directly linked with the military.

    BBC: 'Muted' Pakistan media response to Taliban arrest

  • Evangelical Protestant churches, which have a less hierarchical structure and appeal more directly to poor people, have been making great inroads not only in Argentina but in many other countries in the region.

    BBC: New Pope seeks to heal divisions in Latin America

  • And many Iraqis and many outside analysts see that as kind of a dangerous step and one that seems to be happening more and more with the senior clergy in Najaf weighing in more and more explicitly and directly into, in the political fray.

    NPR: Top Muslim Cleric Urges Militias to Disarm

  • Researchers at Wyeth and elsewhere are working on second-generation versions of the drugs, which more directly block MTOR and could be more potent.

    FORBES: Health

  • On law and order, he has pledged to build more jails and create directly elected police commissioners.

    BBC: David Cameron

  • Mayumi Burnham, vice president of marketing at the company which makes Japanese-style dressings and sauces under the TonTon brand says the weaker yen has prompted her to consider buying more ingredients directly from Japan and attending more Japanese trade shows.

    WSJ: Yen's Decline Promises Small Importers Relief

  • Governments may need to tackle sluggish wage growth and increased inequality more directly.

    ECONOMIST: Playing leapfrog

  • Customers can easily connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices, view data usage, manage connected devices, change network and device settings, and more-all directly from the device.

    ENGADGET: AT&T's new MiFi Liberate is LTE-capable, 'world's first' with touchscreen display

  • And, looking more directly at higher education reinforces this.

    FORBES: Government Should Exit Higher Ed

  • YouTube search results are even instantly available on every programme information page as bonus features, allowing viewers to easily become immersed in bloopers, fandom content and more, all directly related to the show they're interested in.

    ENGADGET: Virgin Media adds a YouTube channel to TiVo's guide, ensures you can't escape kitty clips

  • Fracking of oil and natural gas has created, directly and indirectly, more than a million high-paying jobs and has filled entire states, such as North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania, with boom towns, while repairing their public finances.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • What this means is that eurozone taxpayers, and especially those in Germany and France, will be more directly exposed to future emergency loans that may be required by the likes of Italy and Spain than would be the case if part of those loans was provided by an ECB able to create money.

    BBC: Will propping up Italy weaken France?

  • They could have branded channels, guaranteed exposure, and touted their stouts more directly.

    FORBES: Don't Just Brand The Channel -- Channel The Brand

  • The report recommends that organizations working on justice and democratic governance work more directly with development organizations, for example advising them on the political implications of their work.

    FORBES: In Defense of Political Economy: new ideas on development from the World Bank

  • Udacity is simultaneously meeting the educational needs of the public and the vocational requirements of the labor force directly and efficiently, more so than we can say of many universities and colleges.


  • The bosses of funds benefited either indirectly, because the funds were given more money to manage (and thus more fees), or directly, because they invested in the hedge fund that was trading against the mutual fund.

    ECONOMIST: Everyone’s making money except the customers | The

  • And few matters will more directly impact our security than arms control agreements like New START that would dramatically reduce the U.S. nuclear deterrent in a strategic environment that is becoming ever more perilous.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • First, a primer: AirDroid gives you the ability to access all of the files on your phone -- APKs, music, photos, videos and plenty more -- directly in a web app on your browser, which offers an Android-like user interface.


  • Throw the car hard into a right-hander, and the car wants to roll left but ARS counters the motion, flattening the attitude of the 7's chassis and keeping the car more directly on-line without (like other systems) having to bite at the progress of the wheels via traction control and other tricks.

    FORBES: BMW 745i

  • Oil and gas companies directly employ more than 2 million Americans, from blue-collar workers to well-trained scientists and engineers.

    FORBES: Obama Ignores the Fastest Way to Create Jobs

  • For my part, I suggested that the group, and its more prominent members, engage directly with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and others in a decision-making capacity.

    FORBES: Wikipedia & the PR Pro: Friend or Foe?

  • As academic evidence mounts that graft deters investment and economic growth, aid agencies tie their largesse more directly to clean government, and citizens from Argentina to Indonesia demand less venal politicians, no country can afford to ignore its reputation for corruption.

    ECONOMIST: A guide to graft

  • All of these stories weave a strong record of specific initiatives that the Obama administration has assembled educational programs, housing initiatives, economic development assistance programs, health care prevention and screening, and many more that speak directly to the needs of the over 54 million Latinos in the United States and Puerto Rico.

    WHITEHOUSE: Renewing the American Dream: Caf�� con Leche and Diversity

  • "It allows me to guide their health more directly" and avoid unnecessary office visits, she said.

    WSJ: When Email Is Part of the Doctor's Treatment

  • Jordan's opposition has demanded electoral reforms that would see the prime minister directly elected and more powers granted to the parliament.

    BBC: Clashes break out at Jordan anti-government protest

  • Huge contract manufacturers like Flextronics and Solectron are buying more parts directly from suppliers, cutting out distributors, while prices for chips (half of Arrow's total sales) drop 30% annually.

    FORBES: Stuck in the Middle

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