• NSAIDS, ice paks, and topically applied anti-inflammatory medications may alleviate pain associated with intercostal strain.

    FORBES: Could Intercostal Strain Affect David Wright's Opening Day?

  • Boston Scientific's Enteryx spurts a polymer into the throat to alleviate pain.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Now, as a society, we must pressure the medical community to ensure that everyone with a terminal illness benefits from better, more progressive treatment to alleviate pain.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Dr Frauscher said a course of antibiotics would take care of any infections, but a needle biopsy or surgery might be required to rule out cancer or to alleviate pain.

    BBC: Mountain biking 'causes scrotum damage'

  • After all, in 2011 Gallup found that a plurality of Americans support the legalization of marijuana, and in 2010 fully 70% of Americans supported using marijuana to alleviate pain and suffering.

    FORBES: What Tuesday's Marijuana Victories Mean For The War On Drugs

  • He listened to the verdict with his head on this chest, sitting in a wheelchair that he uses to alleviate back pain.

    BBC: Richard Beasley in court in Akron, Ohio 26 March 2013

  • "My own personal struggles to receive treatment have motivated and encouraged me to pursue a medical career ... to alleviate the pain and suffering of others, " he says.


  • "We have to acknowledge that we are helpless to alleviate the pain and anguish of such innocent victims and their families, " prosecutor Terry Curry said at a news conference Friday, according to a news release.

    CNN: 3 charged in deadly Indianapolis home explosion

  • The analysis showed that the tooth was filled with beeswax, likely to alleviate the pain of chewing on a cracked tooth, providing what could be the earliest known direct evidence of a therapeutic dental filling.

    UNESCO: Basic Sciences

  • NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) Cypriot government officials sought Tuesday to alleviate the pain on small savers from a plan to raid bank deposits that has caused outrage in the country and sent jitters through European financial markets.

    NPR: Cyprus Seeks To Alleviate Pain From Deposit Raid

  • The cost of this can quickly add up, and wireless carriers know it (and typically thrive on it.) To attract more small businesses as customers, Verizon is striving to alleviate this pain by offering a Share Everything plan to small businesses, beginning January 24th.

    FORBES: Verizon To Begin Offering Share Everything Plan for Small Businesses On January 24

  • If circumcision is chosen, perhaps Dr. Gurcharan's invention will alleviate most of the pain involved.

    CNN: Health

  • President Kennedy left behind an upholstered rocking chair that he used to alleviate his chronic back pain.

    WSJ: In the City's Power Suite

  • Congress reached agreement on a bill designed to alleviate some of the pain in the housing market.

    ECONOMIST: Business this week

  • Also, carry along a mentholated inhaler, which can alleviate pressure and sinus pain during airline takeoff and landing.

    BBC: The flu is a frequent traveller

  • Patients then perform various tasks that trick the brain into thinking it can control the missing limb, something earlier studies suggested would help alleviate the often unbearable pain.

    ENGADGET: Researchers turn to VR to treat phantom limb pain

  • Rosneft's acquisition of Yuganskneftegaz, meanwhile, has derailed plans to merge the oil firm with Gazprom, the state-controlled gas giant (finally and farcically cancelled this week, though the government came up with another plan that would remove restrictions on foreign ownership of Gazprom shares, a move designed to alleviate some of the pain caused by the Yukos fiasco).

    ECONOMIST: The Khodorkovsky case

  • Big companies partner with Intigua because it eases customer pain that competitors are not trying to alleviate.

    FORBES: How Intigua Chose Boston Over Palo Alto

  • It would be foolish of us as a culture to miss the pain the Dr. Pepper soft drink is meant to alleviate during an era where traditionally male jobs are disappearing (construction, manufacturing) and there is increasing competition for knowledge work from women, as well as a general feminization of the culture (a topic too big to talk about in a comment).

    FORBES: What is Dr. Pepper's Facebook Man Cave Saying?

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