• It is a Conservatism that is sceptical of state power and favours market solutions, sound money and patriotism but all in moderation.

    ECONOMIST: David Cameron

  • As my late father, a family physician, always warned, all in moderation.

    FORBES: Three Cheers for Optimism

  • An ancient medicine, enjoy in moderation - all about humans' long and proud history with alcoholic beverages.

    NPR: Ron Paul Brings the Youth Vote

  • It's moderation in all things.

    WSJ: Ag chief: youth obesity issue of national security

  • In toto, the best bet for managing your body in all of its quirky weirdness in an interview is to practice moderation.

    FORBES: Grooming Gestures

  • It is remarkable, given Indonesia's recent turbulence, that the election has been so fair, peaceful and, above all, conducted in a spirit of moderation.

    ECONOMIST: Crooning to victory? | The

  • But the election was free, fair, peaceful and, above all, conducted in a spirit of moderation that was remarkable in a country where democracy is only six years old.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesia

  • It's all smiles, moderation and good news in sunny Russia, now that the Putin regime is forcing radio stations to make sure that at least 50 percent of the news about the country is positive.


  • Welcome to urban angling, New York style, where if you can put up with a little floating trash, an occasional whiff of jet fuel and the cacophony of New York Harbor, you can catch fat, healthy striped bass, bluefish, weakfish--all of them safe to eat, in moderation.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Mixed in with all the nationalist bluster have been a few voices of moderation.

    ECONOMIST: The nationalist genie is out of the bottle

  • Above all, the country's reputation as a hub of stability and moderation in a volatile region has been sorely damaged.

    ECONOMIST: Kenya

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