• Many Penn alumni pursue graduate studies, and this survey quantifies that by academic discipline.

    FORBES: Ignorance Is Not Bliss

  • And Caplan, too, draws on an academic discipline economics, in his case to provide some clarity.

    NEWYORKER: The Case Against Kids

  • Great teachers are less focused on their specific academic discipline and more interested in helping students solve problems.

    FORBES: Teaching Lessons from a 43-Year HBS Veteran

  • The history of hoboing, ancient and modern, has become a respectable academic discipline.

    ECONOMIST: Irving Stevens

  • "Computing now penetrates into just about every line of business and academic discipline, " said Zhigang Xiang, chair of Queens College's Computer Science Department.

    WSJ: Students Shift to Computer Science

  • As an academic discipline, he says, education has been heavily influenced by post-modernism the school of philosophy in which all meaning is regarded as subjective and all truth as relative.

    ECONOMIST: The science of education

  • Religious schools, which have higher academic standards and better discipline, offer a way out of this trap and, possibly, into another one.

    ECONOMIST: Religion and schools

  • All children should be permitted to attend safe schools that provide discipline and academic challenges--and that reinforce the values parents teach at home.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Not only is it giving short shrift to the academic foundations of the discipline in favor of activism, its instructors use the classrooms to indoctrinate students.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Tom Friedman's losing battle

  • The inclusiveness, universality, and indivisibility of Shariah are not just evidenced by the published work of the classical and contemporary Shariah authorities on the one hand and the secular academic scholars who treat Shariah and its jurisprudence as a discipline for study on the other.


  • It reflects the contemporary intellectual preference in higher education for integrating the theory and practice of a discipline, and for reducing the divisions between vocational and academic qualifications.

    ECONOMIST: Education: Degrees of choice | The

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