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several a 几个

a period of several weeks 在好几周期间

several times a day 一天几次 ; 每天数次

a bridge several hundred feet 几个几百英尺的一座桥 ; 数百呎的桥梁 ; 一桥几百英尺

a several power 独自执权的

several pron & a 若干

A week for several weeks 一周有几个星期

a tractor serves several purposes 一机多用

a crime and several crimes 一罪与数罪的

Several times a week 一星期几次 ; 一周几次



  • (SAYING) Several news editorials have said the state could better spend its time healing a crippled economy.

    VOA: standard.2010.07.26

  • Now, it looks like the department is considering taking its policy a step (or several) further: a memo reveals that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to propose later this year that all new passenger vehicles have EDRs.

    ENGADGET: Transportation Department to propose mandatory black boxes in passenger vehicles?

  • This makes it hard, for instance, to compare real-time video images (from a camera in the nose-cone of a missile, for example) with a set of several thousand targets (pictures of enemy aircraft, say), because all the targets have to be tested within a thirtieth of a second, the duration of a single frame of video.

    ECONOMIST: Optical recognition

  • This is the first of two report stage days, with amendments grouped into several subjects - (a) sex education, (b) conscientious or other objection to marriage of same sex couples, (c) equality law, (d) religious organisations' opt-in to marriage of same sex couples, and (e) protection against compulsion to solemnize marriages of same sex couples or to carry out activities in relation to the solemnization of such marriages.

    BBC: Week ahead

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