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[rʌn] [rʌn]

  • vi. 经营;奔跑;运转
  • vt. 管理,经营;运行;参赛
  • n. 奔跑;赛跑;趋向;奔跑的路程
  • n. (Run)人名;(塞)鲁恩


  [科技] 运行










... 7,经常被杆击打的球.自落(SCRATCH) 46.得分RUN) 一个队员在一次击球中所赢得的积分,球杆穿过原来主球所占位置范围的继续运行路线,便可称为抢11避, strong batting。 ...



Chicken Run 小鸡快跑 ; 落跑鸡 ; 小鸡别跑 ; 咪走鸡

Run chart 趋势图 ; [计] 运行图 ; 制程能力图 ; 推移图

run out 变得缺乏 ; 结束 ; 用完 ; 到期

run short 快用完 ; 将耗尽 ; 用完 ; 耗尽

Run Silent 太平洋潜艇战

run pipe 直管 ; 压力管 ; 排出 ; 卷取导管

run cinema 二轮影院 ; 首轮影院

Armadillo Run 犰狳空间

Fashion Run 时尚先锋 ; 美女时尚先锋时装店 ; 时尚服装店 ; 美女时装店

  • 运行 - 引用次数:561

    Agriculture’s low-price running is necessary to a country’s long-run development.


    参考来源 - 我国农地产权制度演进与人口、经济增长——兼论近代中衰欧兴的主要原因
  • 运行 - 引用次数:2146

    The run is very good.


    参考来源 - 减摇水舱台架试验及仿真方法研究
  • 船尾尖端
  • (尤指在穴周场地)使球滚动
  • 导管段
  • 洄游
  • 急奏
  • 行差
  • (军用飞机的)飞行任务
  • 抽丝
  • 印数
  • 运转
  • 运转
  • 运行



  • n.
    • a score in baseball made by a runner touching all four bases safely

      "the Yankees scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th"

      同义词: tally

    • the act of testing something

      同义词: test trial

    • a race run on foot

      "she broke the record for the half-mile run"

      同义词: footrace foot race

    • an unbroken series of events

      "Nicklaus had a run of birdies"

      同义词: streak

    • (American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team

      "the defensive line braced to stop the run"; " the coach put great emphasis on running"

      同义词: running running play running game

    • a regular trip

      "the ship made its run in record time"

    • the act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace

      "he broke into a run"; " his daily run keeps him fit"

      同义词: running

    • the continuous period of time during which something (a machine or a factory) operates or continues in operation

      "the assembly line was on a 12-hour run"

    • unrestricted freedom to use

      "he has the run of the house"

    • the production achieved during a continuous period of operation (of a machine or factory etc.)

      "a daily run of 100,000 gallons of paint"

    • a small stream

      同义词: rivulet rill runnel streamlet

    • a race between candidates for elective office

      "he is raising money for a Senate run"

      同义词: political campaign campaign

    • a row of unravelled stitches

      "she got a run in her stocking"

      同义词: ladder ravel

    • the pouring forth of a fluid

      同义词: discharge outpouring

    • an unbroken chronological sequence

      "the play had a long run on Broadway"; " the team enjoyed a brief run of victories"

    • a short trip

      "take a run into town"

  • v.
    • move fast by using one's feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time

      "Don't run--you'll be out of breath"

    • flee; take to one's heels; cut and run

      "If you see this man, run!"

      同义词: scat scarper turn tail lam run away hightail it bunk head for the hills take to the woods escape fly the coop break away

    • stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point

      "Service runs all the way to Cranbury"

      同义词: go pass lead extend

    • direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.

      "She is running a relief operation in the Sudan"

      同义词: operate

    • have a particular form

      "the story or argument runs as follows"

      同义词: go

    • move along, of liquids

      同义词: flow feed course

    • perform as expected when applied

      "Does this old car still run well?"

      同义词: function work operate go

    • change or be different within limits

      "Interest rates run from 5 to 10 percent"

      同义词: range

    • run, stand, or compete for an office or a position

      "Who's running for treasurer this year?"

      同义词: campaign

    • cause to emit recorded sounds

      同义词: play

    • move about freely and without restraint, or act as if running around in an uncontrolled way

      "who are these people running around in the building?"; " She runs around telling everyone of her troubles"; " let the dogs run free"

    • have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined

      "These dresses run small"

      同义词: tend be given lean incline

    • carry out a process or program, as on a computer or a machine

      "run a new program on the Mac"

      同义词: execute

    • be operating, running or functioning

      "The car is still running--turn it off!"

    • change from one state to another

      "run amok"; " run rogue"; " run riot"

    • cause to perform

      "run a subject"; " run a process"

    • be affected by; be subjected to

      "run a temperature"; " run a risk"

    • continue to exist

      同义词: prevail persist die hard endure

    • occur persistently

      "Musical talent runs in the family"

    • include as the content; broadcast or publicize

      同义词: carry

    • carry out

      "run an errand"

    • guide or pass over something

      同义词: guide draw pass

    • cause something to pass or lead somewhere

      同义词: lead

    • make without a miss
    • deal in illegally, such as arms or liquor

      同义词: black market

    • cause an animal to move fast

      "run the dogs"

    • be diffused

      "These dyes and colors are guaranteed not to run"

      同义词: bleed

    • sail before the wind
    • cover by running; run a certain distance
    • extend or continue for a certain period of time

      "The film runs 5 hours"

      同义词: run for

    • set animals loose to graze
    • keep company

      "the heifers run with the bulls to produce offspring"

      同义词: consort

    • run with the ball; in such sports as football
    • travel rapidly, by any (unspecified) means

      "She always runs to Italy, because she has a lover there"

    • travel a route regularly

      同义词: ply

    • pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals)

      "The dogs are running deer"

      同义词: hunt hunt down track down

    • compete in a race

      "he is running the Marathon this year"

      同义词: race

    • progress by being changed

      "run through your presentation before the meeting"

      同义词: move go

    • reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating

      同义词: melt melt down

    • come unraveled or undone as if by snagging

      "Her nylons were running"

      同义词: ladder

    • become undone

      同义词: unravel

以上来源于: WordNet



run /rʌn/ CET4 TEM4 ( running, ran, runs )

  • 1. 

    V-T/V-I When you run, you move more quickly than when you walk, for example because you are in a hurry to get somewhere, or for exercise. 跑


    I excused myself and ran back to the telephone.



    He ran the last block to the White House with two cases of gear.


  • 2. 

    V-T/V-I When someone runs in a race, they run in competition with other people. 参加…赛跑; 赛跑


    ...when I was running in the New York Marathon.



    He ran a tremendous race.


  • 3. 

    V-T/V-I When a horse runs in a race or when its owner runs it, it competes in a race. 使 (马) 参加比赛; (马) 参加比赛


    He was overruled by the owner, Peter Bolton, who insisted on Cool Ground running in the Gold Cup.


  • 4. 

    V-I If you say that something long, such as a road, runs in a particular direction, you are describing its course or position. You can also say that something runs the length or width of something else. (道路等) 延伸


    ...the sun-dappled trail which ran through the beech woods.


  • 5. 

    V-T If you run a wire or tube somewhere, you attach it or pull it from, to, or across a particular place. 铺设 (电线、管道等)


    Our host ran a long extension cord out from the house and set up a screen and a projector.


  • 6. 

    V-T If you run your hand or an object through something, you move your hand or the object through it. 移动


    He laughed and ran his fingers through his hair.


  • 7. 

    V-T If you run something through a machine, process, or series of tests, you make it go through the machine, process, or tests. 运行


    They have gathered the best statistics they can find and run them through their own computers.


  • 8. 

    V-I If someone runs for office in an election, they take part as a candidate. 竞选


    It was only last February that he announced he would run for president.



    It is no easy job to run against John Glenn, Ohio's Democratic senator.


  • 9. 

    V-T If you run something such as a business or an activity, you are in charge of it or you organize it. 经营; 管理


    His stepfather ran a prosperous paint business.



    ...a well-run, profitable organization.


  • 10. 

    V-I If you talk about how a system, an organization, or someone's life is running, you are saying how well it is operating or progressing. 运作; 运转 [usu cont]


    Officials in charge of the camps say the system is now running extremely smoothly.


  • 11. 

    V-T/V-I If you run an experiment, computer program, or other process, or start it running, you start it and let it continue. 进行; 运行


    He ran a lot of tests and it turned out I had an infection called mycoplasma.


  • 12. 

    V-T/V-I When a machine is running or when you are running it, it is switched on and is working. 使 (机器) 运转; (机器) 运转 [usu cont]


    We told him to wait out front with the engine running.


  • 13. 

    V-I A machine or equipment that runs on or off a particular source of energy functions using that source of energy. 运转


    The buses run on diesel.


  • 14. 

    V-I When you say that vehicles such as trains and buses run from one place to another, you mean they regularly travel along that route. 行驶


    A shuttle bus runs frequently between the inn and the country club.


  • 15. 

    V-T If you run someone somewhere in a car, you drive them there. (开车) 送 [非正式]


    Could you run me up to Baltimore?


  • 16. 

    V-I If you run over or down to a place that is quite near, you drive there. 驾车去 [非正式]


    I'll run over to Short Mountain and check on Mrs. Adams.


  • 17. 

    V-I If a liquid runs in a particular direction, it flows in that direction. (液体) 流


    Tears were running down her cheeks.


  • 18. 

    V-T If you run water, or if you run a faucet or a bath, you cause water to flow from a faucet. 从水管放 (水)


    She went to the sink and ran water into her empty glass.


  • 19. 

    V-I If a faucet or a bath is running, water is coming out of a faucet. 流水 [only cont]


    The kitchen sink had been stopped up and the faucet left running, so water spilled over onto the floor.


  • 20. 

    V-I If your nose is running, liquid is flowing out of it, usually because you have a cold. 流鼻涕 [usu cont]


    Timothy was crying, mostly from exhaustion, and his nose was running.


  • 21. 

    V-I If a surface is running with a liquid, that liquid is flowing down it. 流下 [usu cont]


    After an hour he realized he was completely running with sweat.


  • 22. 

    V-T/V-I When you run a cassette or videotape or when it runs, it moves through the machine as the machine operates. 播放


    Leaphorn pushed the play button again, ran the tape, pushed stop, pushed rewind.


  • 23. 

    V-I If the dye in some cloth or the ink on some paper runs, it comes off or spreads when the cloth or paper gets wet. 渗开


    The ink had run on the wet paper.


  • 24. 

    V-I If a feeling runs through your body or a thought runs through your mind, you experience it or think it quickly. (感觉) 传遍; (念头) 掠过


    She felt a surge of excitement run through her.


  • 25. 

    V-I If a feeling or noise runs through a group of people, it spreads among them. (感受、噪音等) 传开


    A buzz of excitement ran through the crowd.


  • 26. 

    V-I If a theme or feature runs through something such as someone's actions or writing, it is present in all of it. 贯穿


    Another thread running through this series is the role of doctors in the treatment of the mentally ill.


  • 27. 

    V-T/V-I When newspapers or magazines run a particular item or story or if it runs, it is published or printed. 刊登; 发表


    The New Orleans Times-Picayune ran a series of four scathing editorials entitled "The Choice of Our Lives."


  • 28. 

    V-I If an amount is running at a particular level, it is at that level. 处于 (某一水平)


    Today's figures show inflation running at 10.9 percent.


  • 29. 

    V-I If a play, event, or legal contract runs for a particular period of time, it lasts for that period of time. (戏剧、事件、法律合同等) 延续


    It pleased critics but ran for only three months on Broadway.



    The contract was to run from 1992 to 2020.


  • 30. 

    V-I If someone or something is running late, they have taken more time than had been planned. If they are running on time or ahead of time, they have taken the time planned or less than the time planned. 进展 [usu cont]


    Tell her I'll call her back later, I'm running late again.


  • 31. 

    V-T If you are running a temperature or a fever, you have a high temperature because you are ill. 患


    The little girl is running a fever and she needs help.


  • 32. 

    → see also running


run /rʌn/ ( runs )

  • V-T

  • 1. 

    N-COUNT A run is a time when you move somewhere on foot more quickly than when you walk, usually for exercise. 跑步


    After a six-mile run, Jackie returns home for a substantial breakfast.


  • 2. 

    N-SING A run for office is an attempt to be elected to office. 竞选 [美国英语] [N 'for' n]


    He was already preparing his run for the presidency.


  • 3. 

    N-COUNT A run is a trip somewhere. 出行


    ...doing the morning school run.


  • 4. 

    N-COUNT A run of a play or television programme is the period of time during which performances are given or programmes are shown. (戏剧或电视节目的) 演出期; 播放期


    The show will transfer to Broadway on October 9, after a month's run in Philadelphia.


  • 5. 

    N-SING A run of successes or failures is a series of successes or failures. 一连串 (成功或失败)


    The team is haunted by a run of low scores.


  • 6. 

    N-COUNT A run of a product is the amount that a company or factory decides to produce at one time. (产品的) 批量


    Wayne plans to increase the print run to 1,000.


  • 7. 

    N-COUNT In baseball or cricket, a run is a score of one, which is made by players running between marked places on the field after hitting the ball. (棒球或板球比赛中跑动得到的) 一分


    The Padres scored four runs off Terry Adams in the last 2 innings.


  • 8. 

    N-SING If someone gives you the run of a place, they give you permission to go where you like in it and use it as you wish. (对某地的) 使用权


    He had the run of the house and the pool.


  • 9. 

    N-SING If there is a run on something, a lot of people want to buy it or get it at the same time. 抢购; 争先获取


    A run on the dollar has killed off hopes of a rate cut.


  • 10. 

    N-COUNT A run is a hole or torn part in a woman's stocking or tights, where some the vertical threads have broken, leaving only the horizontal threads. (长筒袜或连裤袜的) 抽丝

  • 11. 

    N-COUNT A ski run or bobsled run is a course or route that has been designed for skiing or for riding in a bobsled. (滑雪或乘雪橇的) 滑道


    ...an avalanche on Colorado's highest ski run.



run /rʌn/ ( running, ran, runs )


  • 1. 

    PHRASE If you run someone a close second, or run a close second, you almost beat them in a race or competition. (比赛中) 以极小劣势位居第二


    While "Nightly" has led in the ratings all season, "World News Tonight" is running a close second.


  • 2. 

    PHRASE If a river or well runs dry, it no longer has any water in it. If an oil well runs dry, it no longer produces any oil. (河流、井) 干涸; (油井) 枯竭


    Streams had run dry for the first time in memory.


  • 3. 

    PHRASE If a source of information or money runs dry, no more information or money can be obtained from it. (信息或资金) 枯竭


    Three days into production, the kitty had run dry.


  • 4. 

    PHRASE If a characteristic runs in someone's family, it often occurs in members of that family, in different generations. 在某人的家族中遗传


    The insanity which ran in his family haunted him.


  • 5. 

    PHRASE If you make a run for it or if you run for it, you run away in order to escape from someone or something. 逃离


    A helicopter hovered overhead as one of the gang made a run for it.


  • 6. 

    PHRASE If people's feelings are running high, they are very angry, concerned, or excited. (情绪) 高涨


    Feelings there have been running high in the wake of last week's killing.


  • 7. 

    PHRASE If you talk about what will happen in the long run, you are saying what you think will happen over a long period of time in the future. If you talk about what will happen in the short run, you are saying what you think will happen in the near future. 从长期/短期来看


    Sometimes expensive drugs or other treatments can be economical in the long run.


  • 8. 

    PHRASE If you say that someone could give someone else a run for their money, you mean you think they are almost as good as the other person. 几乎比得上某人


    ...a youngster who even now could give Meryl Streep a run for her money.


  • 9. 

    PHRASE If someone is on the run, they are trying to escape or hide from someone such as the police or an enemy. 在逃


    Fifteen-year-old Danny is on the run from a juvenile detention centre.


  • 10. 

    PHRASE If someone is on the run, they are being severely defeated in a contest or competition. 惨败


    I knew I had him on the run.


  • 11. 

    PHRASE If you are running short of something or running low on something, you do not have much of it left. If a supply of something is running short or running low, there is not much of it left. 所剩无几


    Government forces are running short of ammunition and fuel.


  • 12. 

    to run deep →see deep

  • 13. 

    to run an errand →see errand

  • 14. 

    to run the gauntlet →see gauntlet

  • 15. 

    to run riot →see riot

  • 16. 

    to run a risk →see risk


in the long run 长远;终究

long run adj. 长期的 , n. 最后

run in 跑进;试车;顺便探访;拘留

run away 逃跑;失控

run on 继续,继续下去;连续不断;流逝;涉及

run out 用完;耗尽;跑出;到期;伸向

on the run 在逃;奔波;跑着

run into someone 偶然遇见某人

run into 遭遇,陷入;撞上,撞到;偶然遇见

run for 竞选;匆匆去取;赶紧去请

run through 跑着穿过;浏览;刺;挥霍

in the short run 从短期看,在不久的将来

run out of 用完

run with 鼓励;与…一起跑;与…交往

run wild 失去控制;变得荒芜

run at 冲过去袭击

run from 逃避,飞奔以逃离

run counter to 违反;与…背道而驰

run time 运行时间;电脑运作时间

run off 逃跑;印出;流掉;进行决赛


词根: run


running 连续的;流动的;跑着的;运转着的


running 运转;赛跑;流出

runner 跑步者;走私者;推销员;送信人


running 跑;运转(run的ing形式);行驶

  work, operate, manipulate, run, maneuver

work 干活,劳动

operate 操作,动手术

manipulate (为某一目的而)控制,影响(某人或某物)

run 跑,开动(机器);

maneuver 巧妙的移动或调动


  trot, jog, run, race


trot 强调小跑时上下弹跳的动作,是介于跑与走之间轻快的快速运动。

jog 指从容不迫地慢跑。

run 最普通用词,指由于各种原因而急速奔跑。

race 多用于赛跑,指以最快速度奔跑。


  stream, pour, flow, run


stream 指水或其它液体从源头流出,不断地朝某一方向流动,可用作引申。

pour 通常指从高向低或从上向下的急剧流动。也可作引申用。

flow 侧重水继续不断地往前流,不关心其流量的大小和速度的快慢。

run 指液体向任何方向流动,暗示比flow快而有力。



  • In this way, William Jennings Bryan was able to run for president at the head of two separate political parties.

    VOA: special.2010.07.01

  • So we'll take h 2 and we'll run -- or actually we'll have h 2 filled in an evacuated glass tube.


    麻省理工公开课 - 化学原理课程节选

  • Now you also may remember that we have already run into Spenser's Mammon before this point, before Paradise Lost.


    耶鲁公开课 - 弥尔顿课程节选



in the long run 长远;终究

long run adj. 长期的 , n. 最后

run in 跑进;试车;顺便探访;拘留

run away 逃跑;失控

run on 继续,继续下去;连续不断;流逝;涉及

run out 用完;耗尽;跑出;到期;伸向

on the run 在逃;奔波;跑着

run into someone 偶然遇见某人

run into 遭遇,陷入;撞上,撞到;偶然遇见

run for 竞选;匆匆去取;赶紧去请

run through 跑着穿过;浏览;刺;挥霍

in the short run 从短期看,在不久的将来

run out of 用完

run with 鼓励;与…一起跑;与…交往

run wild 失去控制;变得荒芜

run at 冲过去袭击

run from 逃避,飞奔以逃离

run counter to 违反;与…背道而驰

run time 运行时间;电脑运作时间

run off 逃跑;印出;流掉;进行决赛

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