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special case
[ˈspeʃl keɪs]

  • 特殊案例:一种程序不同于常规普通法或衡平法诉讼的案件,例如:由法令建立的为提供新权利或救济而设立的诉讼程序;保留供法院就法律问题、案件陈述或陪审团事实裁决的案件,同时也是准备提交的案件。
  • · This is a special case and requires a different approach.
  • 这是一个特殊案例,需要采用不同的方法。



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Special case 特例 ; [科技] 特殊情况 ; 特殊问题 ; 特别案件呈述

a special case 一个特例 ; 特例品

discuss to special case 特殊情况的探讨 ; 讨论以特殊的个案

This is a special case 这是个特殊的例子

As A Special Case 作为特例

Special case of Chinese Sludge 中国的污泥特性

R&D special case team 研发专案小组

A special case of oligopoly 垄断的特殊情况垄断竞争

Special Case of Mate Reference 配合参考的特殊情况

  • 特殊情况


Special case

  • abstract: In logic, especially as applied in mathematics, concept A is a special case or specialization of concept B precisely if every instance of A is also an instance of B but not vice versa, or equivalently, if B is a generalization of A. A limiting case is a type of special case which is arrived at by taking some aspect of the concept to the extreme of what is permitted in the general case.

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special case

  • 1. 

    N an agreed written statement of facts submitted by litigants to a court for a decision on a point of law 诉讼当事人提交至法庭并同意的事实书面陈述 [法律]


  • Today is a special case. I won't do it again.



  • Indeed, this is a special case.



  • But Banks are perhaps a special case.



  • I've made a very special case that this is the case of an equally-weighted portfolio.


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  • You don't need to know those, but just because it's a special case with the hydrogen atom, they do tend to be named -- the most important, of course, tends to be the Balmer series because that's what we can actually see being emitted from the hydrogen atom.


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  • "Alpha Centauri B is of course a very special case - it's our next door neighbour, " said Stephane Udry of the Observatory in Geneva and senior author of the paper.

    BBC: Exoplanet around Alpha Centauri is nearest-ever

  • Each convoy was led by a pickup truck loaded with supplies, followed in one case by Special Forces members on six all-terrain vehicles and in a separate case by Special Forces members on 25 ATVs, all heavily packed with equipment.

    CNN: Special Forces seen leaving Tora Bora

  • Wing-Kovarik estimates that his group has helped thousands of families -- both gay and straight -- by offering a range of services such as lawyer referrals, case consultations, special-needs classes and tips on therapists and pediatricians.

    CNN: Breaking down barriers so foster kids can find a family

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