• "Each day when I walk into my courtroom my back tingles with the blessings I have been given.

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  • He and his father walk back to the inn where they are staying.


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  • was go to the bridge and walk across the other side and then walk back.


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  • Way back in the swamp are small, floating islands, called hammocks, that one can walk across.

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  • And I put it down on the table and we're having this nice conversation and we're drinking our beverages and it's about 12:30/1:00 now and Starbuck's is closing and it's time to walk back to Pierson.


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  • Alright, we are back so we just wrote a programming pseudocode or walk through a programming pseudocode.


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  • The women of Paris in October, many of them will walk to versailles to bring the king back to Paris.


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  • Another good thing to do when you're really stuck is walk away. Take a break. Come back and look at it with fresh eyes of your own.


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  • So I'm gonna spend some time talking about examples that I think we would not find puzzling and walk our way back up to the case of personal identity.


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  • Well let's see. My fall back is, I could just do linear search, walk down the list one at a time, just comparing those things. OK. So that's sort of my base. But what if I wanted, you know, how do I want to get to that sorted list? All right?


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  • But that little short hand there is doing exactly the same thing. It is adding that value into some digits and putting it back or signing it back into some digits. And I'll walk through that loop and when I'm done I can print out the total thing does. And if I do that, I get out what I would expect.


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