• In his final document to his family, he advised his descendants to "practice Virtue thyself, and encourage it in others."

    VOA: special.2009.04.24

  • We recognize in ourselves a virtue which is considered to be the cornerstone of many systems of moral understanding.


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  • Are we recompensed in some way for all of those sacrifices ? that we make in the name of virtue?


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  • Ice dancers Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue provided a welcome relief when they won gold in the figure skating this week.

    VOA: standard.2010.02.23

  • That I think is a real virtue but it can come at the price of demanding short term accountability.


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  • Consideration of a minority patient's language, customs and beliefs by virtue of their heritage is a concept known as cultural competency.

    VOA: standard.2010.03.05

  • Another illustration of the difficulty of translating all values, in this case, a certain idea of virtue, into utilitarian terms.


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  • Critics say that e-mails and other information sent through cloud providers are no longer private anyway, just by virtue of being on the web.

    VOA: standard.2010.06.22

  • Virtu That, of course, is Machiavelli's virtu, princely virtue, what you do to leave the people satisfied and stupefied.


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  • And it just seems like it gives so much back." Moir and Virtue are the first North Americans ever to win the ice dancing gold medal.

    VOA: standard.2010.02.23

  • since he is born with weapons for the use of wisdom and virtue, he may use them for the opposite ends.


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  • And Moses admonishes the Israelites not to suppose that their inheritance of the land of Canaan is due to their own powers, or on account of any righteousness or virtue that they possess.


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  • We see somebody who's fairly decent morally, and it reminds us of perfect justice or perfect virtue.


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  • Whatever virtue of my writing might have it will be, because of values, those individual perceptions Sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I'm right, but they are my perceptions.


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  • They are not concerned about interpretation because to them, good writing is precisely writing that's clear, writing that doesn't need to be interpreted but has precisely as its virtue its transparency of meaning.


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  • A price that we'll talk about a lot, when I talk about relationships, when I talk about virtue and morality and when we talk about happiness and wellbeing in general.


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  • If you decide to buy it, it has one particular virtue and that is you end up with an excellent library of classical music that will last you for a lifetime.


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  • You can figure Milton asking in this poem Lycidas if it's true: is it true what the Elder Brother said, ? that virtue is always rewarded and evil punished?


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  • But this is a state, he believes, that has now been liberated or emancipated from Christian and classical conceptions of virtue.


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  • So Deuteronomy warns repeatedly: It is by no special virtue or merit that Israel was the one chosen.


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  • The Lady begins to speak instead of the unyielding virtue of sexual abstinence that's absolutely central to an entirely different kind of doctrine: the doctrine of virginity.


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  • And I think it's impossible not to see that when Milton substitutes the virtue charity with the far more circumscribed ideal of chastity.


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  • Now, let's go back to a theory which has at least got the virtue of being very old, although hardly anybody believes it anymore.


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  • Many laws try to promote the virtue of citizens or try to give expression to the moral values of the society as a whole.


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  • Therefore, when he is without virtue, man is the most unscrupulous and savage of the animals."


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  • Virtue means for him a kind of manly self-assertion, audacity, ruthlessness, a reliance on one's own arms and calculated use of cruelty to achieve one's ends.


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  • But we shouldn't confuse the physical things which can be just, the people who can be virtuous to one degree or another, with perfect virtue or perfect justice.


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  • Our best science suggests that a well-functioning body can perform these things, can think and plan and fall in love by virtue of the fact that the brain is functioning properly.


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  • When you're serious, any way to win will do, but mostly you could make a virtue of a necessity.


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  • Wealth property he tells us exists for the sake of virtue not virtue for the sake of wealth.


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virtue of 借助,由于;有…优点

by virtue of 由于,凭借

in virtue of 由于;凭借

virtue education 思想教育

have the virtue of 具有…的优点  

of easy virtue (女人)水性杨花的  

virtue and vice 善与恶

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