• Now the word "first" begins to take on a much bigger range of significances than we might at first think.


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  • I think there're a lot of people just enjoying the sunshine maybe with their tops off, not doing very much,


    海德公园的氛围 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • But I think Milton would probably feel a little uncomfortable with our easy attribution of so much of the poem's learning to his memory.


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  • At the same time, and I think very much in line with the assertion that humans are created in the image of God, Humans are not, in fact, gods.


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  • We eat different kinds of things and many people think that that's what has contributed to much more heart disease.


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  • It's much more than what we tend to think of this conversion experience.


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  • They don't think so much of language as a mediating force as an expressive force.


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  • So the products we mentioned last time were Coke and Pepsi, but you could think of other products that are pretty much identical.


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  • Pound goes to work on Yeats, goes to work on his poetry and helps modernize him, although I think in lots of ways the influence went just as much the other way.


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  • Now, of course, there are denominator issues here because we started with a much higher base rate than these other countries, but if you think about the size of the populations there, the number of people who are going to become diabetic in the next twenty-five years is really very frightening.


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  • So for next week, I ask you read the first 50 pages and I think they are the reading never get to be much... The second book which was published only in May of this year, Three Philosophical Filmmakers is longer so some of those chapters are a little longer.


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  • I think that the part of somebody's mind that makes them want to play the lottery that much


    沉迷于彩票的人们 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • So you can think about how these 2 things combined are going to be electronegativity, which is a measure of how much an atom wants to pull electron density away from another atom.


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  • Once you hear that description, it's easy to write the code, in fact. This is a place where the recursive version of it is much easier to think about than the iterative one.


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  • And so, when you think about how much cement concrete are consumed annually on the planet, this becomes a considerable point source of greenhouse gas emissions.


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  • We need--and there's a lot of talk in Congress right now -we need to think about new regulations that protect individuals, much like the regulations that the HOLC and the FHA made.


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