• Let's begin with the internet people. The internet people wanted convergence with the telephone and later television networks, because they wanted ubiquitous.


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  • And you call this boyfriend or girlfriend on the telephone to plan your rendezvous.


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  • She looks up at the telephone wires, and she thinks about all the messages, unintelligible, full of human longing, going back and forth across those wires.


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  • I have mine selected not to that sound but to Mozart, so I hear this sound on my telephone.


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  • She didn't hear the original command. Or did she just mishear in some very tragic version of the telephone game.


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  • So let's talk about convergence, convergence of the internet, telephone and television networks.


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  • The memory bank, in turn, activates the electronic circuits; the window closes, the door opens, hopefully the cat comes in, and the automatic telephone goes into action; right?


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  • In the 1920s, things changed because the telephone first became widely spread.


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  • Under that, the telephone numbers, Doesn't matter , don't write it yet.


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  • You gave her your telephone number about 10 hours ago.


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  • And then should it surprise us that that's the kind of person who would call a perfect stranger on the telephone and write a sexy story and give it to them? Right?


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  • Another situation where you could ask a "Can" question is when you're calling a friend on the telephone.


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  • That means they will not look at their email, they will not take telephone calls.


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  • Usually by telephone. Text message, E-mails. A lot of e-mails. Facebook somewhat,


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  • Look out!" Some ten paces away Lolita through a glass at a telephone booth, membranous god still with us, cupping the tube confidentially, hunched over it, slit her eyes at me, turned away with her treasure, hurriedly hang up and walked out with a flourish.


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  • So that's 9 potential final projects that can live on in telephone form toward semester's end.


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  • But more or less, in terms of how you can be reached most easily by telephone.


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  • And the telephone companies in the United State, generally about 200 billion dollars a year carrying long distance telephone conversations and they thought this conversations might be carried for free over the internet was quite shocking to them. Of course free is very low price, and they are not like it to be free.


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  • And she has that vision of the telephone wires, and she looks up at them as she has just doubted all of the possibilities for making sense of the post horn and the Tristero.


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  • The reason they call them boiler rooms is, if you are selling stocks by telephone there's no reason to rent a nice office, so you get the cheapest -so you put a whole bank of telephones in the cheapest place.


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telephone number n. 电话号码

on the telephone 在通电话

by telephone 通过电话;用电话

over the telephone 通过电话

telephone call 电话呼叫

mobile telephone n. 手机;移动电话;大哥大

telephone network 电话网络

telephone interview 电话面试,电话访问

telephone line 电话线路

telephone system n. 电话系统

telephone service 电话服务;电话业务

public telephone n. 公共电话

telephone directory 电话簿

telephone conversation 打电话

telephone communication 电话通信

telephone company 电话公司

telephone exchange 电话局;电话交换台

telephone operator 话务员

telephone conference 电话会议

cellular telephone 移动电话;蜂窝电话

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