• I want to flip back to text for a moment before I return to talk about a whole contradictory set of methodologies, or methodologies that pull in another direction. But first I want to get us up to the patriarchs and matriarchs where we're going to be starting off on Monday.


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  • They usually have to pull in the, pull in the ladies somehow.


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  • And early Christianity was an attempt to pull all these things into one unified movement, in some way, to get some kind of uniformity of belief and practice.


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  • Even in the case of this spring, when you pull it, if you pull it to the right by some force.


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  • We are expecting to see that it decreases because it's feeling a stronger pull, all the electrons are being pulled in closer to the nucleus, so that atomic size is going to get smaller.


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  • As with almost all of the issues of contemporary and political struggle in the seventeenth century, Milton's own views really pull decidedly to the left, to the progressive end of the political spectrum.


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  • So, people started rushing to pull all their money out of Northern Rock in September 2007.


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  • There are always little details that they don't account for, and that's the loose thread that you can pull to make your own.) And so, what does he find when he goes in to this holy space?


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  • They seem to be going somewhere and there's this sort of force of pull or gravity in music having to do with some chords wanting to go to other chords.


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  • This proves to be really difficult in the real world because in the real world it's hard to pull apart genes and environments So, you and me will have different personalities ? Why?


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  • If you go to the web just type in glycemic index, you can pull up chart after chart of high and low glycemic index foods, and sometimes you get surprised by what those foods are.


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  • So we've looked at how to solve square root we've, looked at two problems, I've tried to instill in you this sense of paranoia which is so valuable, and now we're going to pull back Python and return to something much simpler than numbers, and that's Python. All right?


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  • It's firmly adherent to the surface here, it's firmly adherent at the back here, and in between its trying to pull these ends closer together, you can imagine that that's what it's doing, and in fact, that's one of the functions of fibroblasts.


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  • Remember in the ion, we're going to have less electrons around to counteract the pull from the nucleus.


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  • And we know as we go across a row in the periodic table, what's happening is that z effective or the effective pull on the nucleus is increasing.


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  • We all know that in a falling elevator, you definitely do not escape the pull of gravity.


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