• Conquest and exile were events that normally would spell the end of a particular ethnic national group, particularly in antiquity.


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  • but at the same time that means I get to meet a lot people that I wouldn't normally have met.


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  • This is more well-established question of nurture, in terms of moving away from the way we normally teach to what is clearly more effective way.


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  • So, normally at this point, we do actually start class with a little bit of history from alchemy to modern chemistry, but I decided to skip that this year.


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  • Normally, we do these things to keep an equilibrium among the different systems of the unconscious, but sometimes it doesn't work.


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  • I'm going to, as I've mentioned before, be a bit more exegetical than is normally the case for our readings.


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  • You are going to just go to the room, as you normally do, come on in, sit down.


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  • Now,different religions--some religions don't have what we would normally think of as scripture, in Islam,Judaism or Christianity.


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  • Now, in other cases you might want to introduce a gene that's not even normally present in people.


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  • - Your lecture -- I don't normally do this with your emails -- but your lecture the other day reminded me of this scene from The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.


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  • Okay? So those are the basic note values normally with a duple division but we can superimpose triple by using a dot and the absence of sound.


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  • Normally, when you have a dealer, the dealer has a-- when we talk in terms of price the dealer has an ask, which is higher than the bid.


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  • You're so busy just doing things you normally do.


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  • That is, in real life, the variables that you'd normally control aren't some combination of entropy and these variables, but really their temperature, volume and pressure, any couple of those, might be what you'd really have under experimental control.


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  • And then our drop date is normally, I'm not exactly sure when, but it's actually probably in November,


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  • Normally, I will give you a function and tell you to take any number of derivatives.


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  • Now normally I would think, "what a hypocritic!


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  • In what? Normally.


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  • And the tickets are really cheap, at least compared to what you would be paying for them normally.


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  • We normally think of teaching as a synchronic process, you and I are in the same place and in the same time while we are learning, when in fact at least right now we are not.


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  • And it might turn out that although,normally, having what matters goes hand in hand with surviving, logically speaking,they can come apart.


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  • In some ways, somebody with autism isn't like any child at all, any normally developing child at all.


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  • So that you do the experiment, you see the phenomenon, and then you see the visualization that adds things to the phenomenon that you normally can't see that are there whether or not sealed.


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  • I know neon has a higher yet electronegativity, but normally it is inert.


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  • We often assume in finance that random variables, such as returns,are normally distributed.


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  • Yeast cells were grown in large numbers with this plasmid inside, they expressed the plasmid and so you made Hepatitis B surface antigen not in people but in cell culture where it was not normally formed.


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  • I going to come back in a second to how it actually does that, but it basically says, get me x value for p 1, get me the x value for p 2, compare them, just as you would normally.


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  • What could possibly explain why either hemisphere of the brain would normally be enough, as long as we don't transfer both?


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normally open 常开的;正常断开的

normally closed 常闭的;正常闭合的

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