• In 1989, about a year after we went public, we had a horrible problem related to inventory management.


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  • and then decided to switch over into a little bit more of the brand management side of the business,


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  • Science is very hostile to innovation when it challenges existing theory, sort of like management, the same thing.


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  • And apart from this executive education department, but I also report to the deputy dean here at the Sloan school management.


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  • The idea is that people don't see this basic risk management problem and they see things in entirely different terms.


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  • There is no better time to start a new company or a new idea than a depression or recession because a lot of the management teams were being asked to leave.


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  • Another example is some weird studies done in a discipline of social psychology known as terror management which involves subliminal death primes.


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  • Such states, of course, did not need a bureaucracy for there were no vast royal or state holdings that needed management and not much economic surplus to support a bureaucratic class.


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  • which makes sense if you're doing international business, and you learn about multicultural marketing and management,


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  • In any private cooperation, there is a final line between what is good for management and what is good for shareholders.


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  • We had a lot of arguments within the management, within the board, and among the investors, and I finally decided that's the way to go.


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  • Eager as I had once been to go into politics, as I look at these things and saw everything taking any course at all with no direction or management, I ended up feeling dizzy.


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  • it was actually the management training that the company provided. That was the bigger draw.


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  • I, honestly, time management has probably been my biggest obstacle as being a student.


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  • and we have a management company , but we're close to getting a deal.


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  • I think the questions that you need to ask yourselves in the management of education for the adult learner is do we face a period of disruptive technology.


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  • Long-term Capital Management was a big hedge fund that failed in 1998 and got bailed out by the Fed.


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  • My management doesn't ask me what I'm doing in here, all right? They don't know.


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  • I wrote my first book--I already talked about that, Pioneering Portfolio Management--that deals with the challenges that face institutional investors.


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  • The management doesn't care what I say in terms of chemistry.


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  • Now I'm learning technology to initiate this thread at the Sloan School of Management.


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  • That means, we started to learn management science in the government, so that government--and also in corporations-- so they could manage effectively.


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  • We have a good system in taxes, but it's imperfect because it hasn't been thought out thoroughly in terms of risk management.


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  • The thing that's really doing the heavy hitting on risk management is really the tax and welfare system.


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  • What Harsanyi and Rawls both gave us was a system of justice that, in my mind, conveys a sense of financial risk management.


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  • I want to talk about Social Security as a risk management technique that developed in the nineteenth century and it developed in Germany.


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  • The other thing that I want to talk about-- and I guess I'm running out of time-- was about management of disaster risks.


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  • .. He said that we should think of-- When we think about distributional justice we can think of it as a risk management problem.


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  • Portfolio management pools risks in a different way: by assembling a diversified portfolio or a portfolio that's negatively correlated with a risk that someone has.


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management system 管理系统;经营责任制

quality management 质量管理

project management 项目管理;专案管理

information management 信息管理;资讯管理

risk management 风险管理

business management 企业管理;商务管理

scientific management 科学管理

property management 物业管理;资产管理;物业管理专员

resource management 资源管理

management information 管理信息

enterprise management 企业管理

financial management 财务管理;金融管理

safety management 安全管理

management level 管理水平;管理[层]级

resources management 资源管理;资源治理

management information system 管理信息系统

knowledge management n. 知识管理

production management 生产管理

human resource management 人力资源管理;人力调配

cost management 成本管理

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