• If you can put it in other words, those other words take the form of an appeal to intention.


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  • Use this pattern whenever you wish to express your intention to do or not to do something.


    I will 课堂 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • Like how does a university or how does any - -well let's stick with the university- how do you get to the core and decide: yes this is actually the intention of this is justice.


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  • Meaning is in the intention of the author, and that is what we need to arrive at as we work through the text.


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  • It's not my purpose or intention here to try to argue you out of your religious beliefs or to argue against your religious beliefs.


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  • The teaching fellows are very international and that reflects my intention to make this a course that is also very international because finance is something about the whole world today, not just the United States.


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  • Consider one thinker, and I will, I'm going to read you a short passage and I'm going to come back to this again later in the semester, from Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan, chapter 31 of Leviathan, where Hobbes gives us a very personal statement about his intention in writing this book.


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  • We will hear again of Milton's intention to write an epic in a versified letter that he writes to his best friend, Charles Diodati. This is the letter to Diodati which Milton publishes as the Sixth Elegy.


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  • Idealism,good intention,a lot of money wasn't practical.


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  • with the intention of becoming a lawyer one day.


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  • with the intention of moving into business,


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  • which means that when you say "I'll", you are expressing your intention to do something.

    当你使用 "I'll" 的说法时,你是想表示要做某事。

    I will 课堂 - SpeakingMax英语口语达人

  • I mean do you think universities at their core have an intention of being just places?


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  • Well, look at this footnote: And the history of words after a poem is written may contribute meanings which if relevant to the original pattern should not be ruled out by a scruple about intention.


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  • We don't refer--we have no reason to refer, - if we respect the autonomy of the poem as such, we don't refer-- we don't appeal to an authorial intention.


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  • In both cases, the intention is to end a life.


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