• And in it you really talk about what it is to grow up as a Muslim in suburban America.


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  • So yes, I present kind of tips and tricks of how to grow your flowers, how to grow your foods.


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  • This becomes really, really important, not just when you're starting a business but when you're trying to grow that business.


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  • Now, I know it's easy to look at me and say, "God, there's an old leftie, why doesn't he grow up?"


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  • the Israelites who are encamped at the foot of the mountain grow restless, and rebellious, and they demand of Aaron a god, because they don't know what's become of "this fellow Moses."


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  • This is where I grow up in Hiratsuka, Japan Hiratsuka is about one hour by train from Tokyo.


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  • I actually think that film is becoming a more continual grow as one of the primary form of communication It is already.


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  • But you can grow it in cultured cells, and the advantages of that are that you can do this under very reproducible conditions.


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  • Vegetables can be grown many times in places where you could never grow wheat or grain.


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  • Marxist analysis has given us this all too rigid picture of the nobility sort of letting their nails grow long, "They are nobles because they do nothing."


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  • Although, I said, insurance was effectively discovered or invented in the 1600s, it has been slow to grow because they didn't have the well-defined-- all of the inventions yet.


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  • Similarly,I believe that if we wish to prevent drug abuse in teenagers who grow up in a neighborhood that puts them at risk, the effective prevention is not remedial.


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  • There are parts of the brain in which neurons can re-grow.


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  • I think that as organizations grow, a lot of the issues and structure that's put in place is put there because a comfort level breaks down and people communicating freely in a way that they can when they're friends.


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  • A moral maturity as it comes to economic systems, as it comes to how we treat our most vulnerable, how we do foreign policy, what are some of the pathways as you see in front of us as we do moral maturity as we grow up?


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  • But the only way you're ever going to get out of talking like a child is if you grow up like a child does.


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