• Let's just use Muslim as an example, why should a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim be an incorporated part?


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  • For example, he begins by borrowing the Russian formalist distinction in trying to explain what fiction is between plot and story.


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  • So I think that what you're doing is what other leaders like yourself are doing is a wonderful example for us.


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  • Papias,for example,thought that the Gospel of Matthew had originally been written in Hebrew, and only later translated into Greek.


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  • HBr So for example, if I want to look at HBr there's a simple case, right, hydrogen bromine.


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  • So I'm going to solve this by enumerate and check, which is an example of what's called a brute-force algorithm.


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  • So, what will start with on Monday is doing the most simple example of methane using these Lewis structure rules.


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  • Let's look at what is, for me, the most gripping example of this kind of poem: "Home Burial," on page 204.


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  • For example, F x y z if I have an equation that looks like this, f of x, y, z.


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  • Of course, the human body is the supreme example of the spiritually infused corporeal substance.


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  • So binary search, the phonebook example, binary search on the pieces of paper on the white board, why is that?


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  • In Numbers 14, for example, when the Israelites complain again, God is determined to destroy them, and Moses intervenes, and the intervention leads to a compromise.


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  • He gives an example--I like to-- he gives an example from a book that-- or it's a collection-- You know this?


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  • Well,instead of pursuing that example,let me give you a slightly different example that's been discussed a fair bit in the philosophical literature.


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  • So, for example, if you were trying to study the motion of some object, here is one example.


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  • So for example, just for example-- a random example: My girlfriend leaves me, alright?


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  • I'm going to give an example or example of that--of the train kind of going by you, and the sound heading off in the other direction.


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  • First, using a couple of examples that have turned out to be very important, one is the example of smallpox, and the second is the example of polio.


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  • So one example would be a firm that they both earn, sorry, they both own, and another example would be two of you working as a study group on my homework assignment.


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  • All right. With all this said, how can the theorist recuperate honor for certain names like, for example, his own?


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  • So let's address this by considering another example, which should clarify what the difference is between these ionization energies.


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  • All right. Now in giving the example, I've gotten a little bit ahead of myself, so let me reprise a bit.


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  • But it grows pretty rapidly, as n goes up, and I'm going to show you an example in a second.


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  • For example, sodium in our blood plasma is almost to the point sometimes of 100 millimol or that's very, very concentrated.


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  • We're not going to be studying it necessarily for how important it was for Medieval and Early Modern Literature, for example.


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  • Here is, in this poem, an example of irony, of a really comparatively simple kind.


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  • In fact, this example would compile because you can use curly braces in this way to encapsulate lines of code, but realize for now, that, not good.


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  • But I want to start in every example, in every situation that I explain to you, with the simplest example, and slowly add on things.


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  • I think that actually a better example for Plato's purposes, not that I expect him to have this particular example, but, would be a car.


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  • The classic example--the most important example is families.


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for example 例如

as an example 例如;作为一个例子

example of 例证;…的例子;…的榜样

set an example 树立榜样

numerical example 数值例;数例

give an example 举例

set an example for 为某人树立榜样

example code 代码示例

take example by 以…为榜样;以…借鉴  

take for example 以…为例

counter example 反例

cite an example 举例;引用一个例子

without example 没有先例  

beyond example 没有先例,空前  

make an example of 惩罚...以警戒他人

example of case 案例

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