• It's a huge book which is all about this short story by Balzac, "Sarrasine," that he begins this essay by quoting.


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  • So I was reading Media, and I have to write an essay about it. So that's what I was doing.


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  • Derrida, I think, freely acknowledges in this essay the degree to which he is standing on Levi-Strauss's shoulders.


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  • I want to read that last passage on 308 that he mentions in the essay.


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  • Stephen Jay Gould has a wonderful essay where he discussed this, looking at the evolution of Mickey Mouse from the Walt Disney character.


    耶鲁公开课 - 心理学导论课程节选

  • Wallace Stevens It's an idea that actually is rather splendidly set down by Wallace Stevens. And in fact, he set it down initially during a lecture he gave in Princeton, which is subsequently published as an essay.


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  • In any case he wrote a wonderful essay called Political Judgment.


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  • I mean also studies, of course, and your senior essay, but it's, they are looking at the next step.


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  • The Final will include both a short answer component and then some essay questions.


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  • I was writing an essay because we also have to take Humanities classes, not just technical classes.


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  • And you have to write an essay about why you want to go to law school


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  • Elliott Gorn, a wonderful historian up at Brown, wrote a brilliant, fascinating, half-crazy essay once about eye-gouging and Southern fighting.


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  • Another comparison for a meaningful drug screening essay, I would assume you would need 1 million cells that you could grow easily in a standard cell culture dish.


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  • Monday evening will be the time at which the midterm exam will be posted on the website, and that'll be at 6:00 pm Monday evening. You'll have a 24-hour period of time in which to find--I forget what I said--30 or 40 minutes? It'll be clear on the instructions. To just sit and treat it as if you're in an in-class exam situation, and write your essay.


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  • So if you just automatically type your essay, your tutor will ring the American word


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  • helped me prepare what I would say at my interviews and my essay questions.


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  • We'll be reading his essay on suicide.Hume died,had an illness.


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  • There is a self-consciousness in the thinking about structure that we find in many places in Levi-Strauss that Derrida freely acknowledges in his essay.


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  • In the book in which the essay "The Intentional Fallacy" appeared, a book called The Verbal Icon, Wimsatt collaborated with Monroe Beardsley on three essays, and this is one of them.


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  • In the very first sentence of the essay, you read the expression "the struggle for science" - an interesting formulation, "the struggle for science."


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  • So, what I'm going to do is, I'm going to take that essay the product of censorship, the response to censorship and I'm going to use it to read back into the novel.


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  • Now "The Theory of the Formal Method," Eikhenbaum's essay that you've read for today, was written in 1927.


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  • Now I want to contrast that with what we see from Nabokov in this essay, Good Readers and Good Writers.


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  • It also includes a little bit further down the page of review and essay by Valerie Larbeau on a new novel by James Joyce called Ulysses.


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  • It's just a general essay about anything you want to write about.


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  • It uses what in the Structural Anthropology essay he calls "mythemes" or "gross constituent units" of thought.


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  • You've read all of one essay and you've read part of another, "Differance," and you've found him very difficult.


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  • I want to quote from the beginning of Roland Barthes' essay, which I know I only suggested, but I'm simply going to quote the passage so you don't have to have read it, The Death of the Author.


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  • But in any case, this is a well-known term used by Jakobson in this essay which is, like all such terms that somehow wander into other languages, difficult to translate.


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  • Now, I think it's worth thinking about what he says in that essay.


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essay test n. 申论方式测验

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