• If somewhere later on in the code it shifts to string, I might not be manipulating that and getting actual values out, but not what I wanted, and it's going to be really hard for me to chase it back.


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  • I'll let you chase it through, it does work. What I want to look at is, what's the order of growth here?


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  • There are precise technical reasons why these are the way they are, but let me try to cut to the chase here.


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  • They get stuck in the mud, and this forces them to give up the chase.


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  • After the passage is over, Milton addresses Alpheus, a river god -the god who was noted for plunging the course of his river underground in order to chase the nymph Arethuse who had been turned into a fountain.


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  • But the point was that they could be watched, that they're not going to-- they can chase each other's wives and mistresses around, and they can eat big drunken meals.


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  • It' s very, very difficult to chase after a wave.


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  • So, they're not going to chase them very far.


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  • In general, if you're watching an action movie and there's a car chase and the trucks and cars are crashing all over the place, and let's say a Budweiser truck shows up in the scene somehow, well people are very likely paying for that.


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  • OK. Note, by the way, if I chase through each possible path, like there's some IFs in here, if there's some places to go, at least in this piece of code, every possible path through this code ends in a return. And that's a good programming discipline, to make sure that happens.


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