• It's this drive to constant self-definition that becomes the characteristic feature of Milton's work for later generations.


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  • In the last two centuries, both these most characteristic elements of Western civilization have in fact become increasingly under heavy attack.


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  • For the most part, they are rather impersonal and anonymous and that is in many ways the characteristic of Hobbes' sovereign.


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  • I approach it the way a few other philosophers do in a way that is characteristic of conceptual analysis.


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  • The use of purity and purity language to inscribe boundaries between Israel and other nations is very characteristic of the post-exilic period.


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  • I could take an unknown gas and put it in and measure it and then say, wow, those are the lines that are characteristic of sodium.


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  • We have certain kinds of sensations inside our body, the characteristic sensation of fear or joy or depression.


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  • and we like log algorithms, because they're really fast. A typical characteristic of a log algorithm is a pro-- or sorry, an algorithm where it reduces the size of the problem by a constant factor.


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  • So, we'll take a little bit of a step back after we introduce quantum mechanics, and talk about light as a wave, and the characteristic of waves, and then light as a particle. And one example of this is in the photoelectric effect.


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  • As Gadamer says, this is the characteristic idea of the Enlightenment: its prejudice against prejudice, that we can be objective, Okay, fine. But prejudice is bad, we know prejudice is bad.


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  • And the Pygmalion effect is if I believe you have a certain characteristic this might cause you to behave as if you have that characteristic.


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  • And this is what's characteristic of smallpox, is that as the virus spreads through your body, it particularly, it particularly affects cells of your skin.


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  • And in the face of these risks, there is a characteristic evasion.


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  • it becomes something that's characteristic of the conflict that many people will just get bored of it and detach themselves totally and emigrate and live and alienate themselves and many people will get more passionate about the conflict.


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  • Eliot was there, in that essay on the metaphysical poets that I'm quoting from, defending as necessary what is the primary characteristic, not only of his own poetry, but really of modern poetry generally, what is often called its difficulty.


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  • So these are examples of what happens in Greek ethics later on, if you are guilty of this characteristic.


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  • It suggests, from the beginning, a kind of loftiness and impartiality of perspective characteristic of the philosopher, but not necessarily the citizen.


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  • But they possess wisdom as an attribute, not as an essential characteristic.


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  • Then you start to get lesions on your skin that are very characteristic of smallpox.


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  • Even the characteristic thing in a polis, the agora, the marketplace,which also becomes the civic center of these towns, even these grew up later than the polis.


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  • One would be characteristic of semi-nomadic pastoralists: the sacrifice of the first lamb born in the spring to the deity in order to procure favor and continued blessing on the flocks for the spring.


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  • Again, what I want you to see is, notice the characteristic of that.


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  • Another characteristic of the synapse is that the post-synaptic membrane, the membrane of the cell which is going to receive the signal has receptors on it.


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  • He is full of a kind of understandable self-pity, and his speeches are in some ways more characteristic of the gloomy intellectual milieu that is reflected in Chekhov's text really than almost anyone else's.


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  • Now, let me carry on with this by talking about the views of society which are characteristic of the two traditions in Western civilization.


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  • It's not just an accident that this reveals the characteristic of each one of these cultures.


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  • And, furthermore, they are characteristic of the target gas element.


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  • It is a basic emotion with a characteristic facial expression.


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  • Our political nature is our essential characteristic.


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  • In the passages you'll read, you'll see that the point is not that art and the judgment of the beautiful is the supreme thing that humanity can be engaged with. The point is only that it has a special characteristic that nothing else has.


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characteristic of 特有的;表示…特性的

dynamic characteristic 动态特性;负载特性曲线

characteristic curve 特性曲线;特征曲线

technical characteristic 技术特性

flow characteristic 流动特性;量特性;怜特性

frequency characteristic 频率特性

characteristic value 特征值,特性值

performance characteristic 工作特性

load characteristic 负荷特性;负载特性;负载特性曲线

quality characteristic 质量特性;品质特性

characteristic equation 特征方程;特性方程

response characteristic [计]响应特性

operating characteristic 运行特性

characteristic impedance 特性阻抗

physical characteristic 物理特性;体型特征

static characteristic 静态特性

transfer characteristic 传输特性;(显象管)信号-光特性

characteristic function 特征函数

characteristic line 特性线

characteristic feature 性能特点

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