try it on 试穿,试戴

trip out 断开,断路;[化]停机

  • But in seven years, he's off to college. This has given me tremendous impetus to try and develop this technology and get it out there and make it available to people with type 1 diabetes before my son goes to college."

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  • So let's step through this with a little more care And I keep saying, before we do it, - let's just actually try it out.


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  • And maybe I can borrow it some time and try it out.


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  • I'm not talking about, wouldn't it be interesting ? to try it out for a week or a month or even a year?


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  • OK, let's try it out.


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  • Once again, we can try it out.


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  • Now Woolf doesn't try to explain exactly how it is that Milton is shutting out the view, and she doesn't try to explain what the view would look like if it weren't shut out.


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  • All right, so hopefully if you see any other combination of quantum numbers, for example, if it doesn't quickly come to you how many orbitals you have, you can actually try to write out all the possible orbitals and that should get you started.


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  • And in so far as it is possible for me, to try to preempt what that impact or effect might be in the sense of trying to figure out whether or not it will have an impact on you and what it might be.


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  • If you think about it conceptually, try to figure out, well, I got this board up here, this tapestry, or whatever, where's my melody going to be in the texture: high, middle or low? Michael?


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  • Yeah! Turns out it's a real job, so I'm going to try for that.


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  • And then we have it and we try to, you know, adopt it out.


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  • You can take it out and try wheeling it along with that strap.


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  • What I'd like to do--and this will be the first time I've the clicker thing in the class so let's try out this little quiz and see how it works.


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  • if you really have some trouble with DVD then Ok, put it in and if I'm not back start it anyhow and I'll try very hard to be here in the meantime,could you make out the card


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  • And then of course, once we figure out why not, we try and fix it. but today I'm going to emphasize not how do you fix it, but how do you find out what's wrong.


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  • And I end up going back and doing unit testing anyway, to try and figure out why it doesn't work. So over the years, I've just convinced myself I might as well start where I'm going to end up.


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  • We've played it three times, Let's try and figure out what the equilibria looked like in this game.


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  • So let's try it out.


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  • What you're much better at doing is saying how do I take the problem I've got and map it into a class of algorithms about which I know and use the efficiencies of those to try and figure out how to make it work.


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  • So if you want to on an exam, you can just write this down quickly at the beginning and refer to it as you're filling up your electron configurations, but also if you look at the periodic table it's very clear as you try to fill it up that way that the same order comes out of that.


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  • So in fact, what we learned from that is, it doesn't just matter what your payoffs are that's obviously important -- it's also important what other people's payoffs are, because you want to try and figure out what they're going to do and then respond appropriately.


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  • We'll start up a shell and we'll try it. All right, we'll just get out of what we were doing here.


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  • yeah I run this, yeah, I have a syntax error, yes indeed, because I forgot to comment that one out, all right, and cue, we'll try it again.


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  • hey'd rather single step it through using Idol or something, than just read it and try and figure things out. The most important thing to remember when you're doing all of this is to be systematic.


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  • It's a good idea to try and figure out what your goals are-- what you're trying to achieve-- before you go ahead and analyze the game.


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  • You can't get what you want you could but it's a good idea to figure out what you want before you try and get what you want.


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  • And my real answer is, go try it out, because obviously you can tell I frequently do this the wrong way and the TAs give me a hard time every time. John.


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  • It's not my purpose or intention here to try to argue you out of your religious beliefs or to argue against your religious beliefs.


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  • So let's listen to a track here, a sax solo and I am going to try to keep-- make some sense out of this-- because it gets more and more complex-- by following the electric bass underneath so let's listen to an old tape.


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