• So,that I think it is extremely important that we have a global strategy, as much as possible, to deal with it,"

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  • Why call attention not so much to the difference between "few love her" and "none praise her" as the notion that none praise her?


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  • So I don't listen to it so much anymore because I feel like I had so much of that as a kid.


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  • "We believe that South Africa has so much more economic potential and it cannot exist as an island of relative prosperity amid a sea of untapped opportunity elsewhere on the continent,"

    VOA: standard.2009.08.08

  • And what things Aristeon and the Presbyter John, disciples of the Lord used to say. For I did not suppose that the things from the books would aid me, so much as things from the living and continuing voice."


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  • "It has become increasingly clear that Tony Blair misled parliament on more than one occasion and I think that MPs were invited to make their own judgment on the merits of the case for war and they were entitled to do so on the truth and it looks very much as though that the truth was withheld from parliament and many MPs may well have made a different decision if they had had the full unvarnished truth,".

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  • It's not so much what's in the proposal as it is that this is the time for reconsideration.


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  • Well, there's a chunk of memory called the heap that you can grab as much memory as you want so long as it exists for your program.


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  • It's important to realize--as you read the dialogue, it becomes fairly apparent-- that there isn't so much any defense of the belief in the soul.


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  • But for Aristotle it is not the liberty of the individual so much as the functioning or functional well-being of the city that is the highest priority.


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  • If you multiply her, then you want to have as much depth to fill in behind to close that hole as you can, so that that would make your phalanx more sturdy, because you could take more casualties without breaking, that seems reasonable to me.


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  • So, you can see, it's much easier to describe that as one term, r here, instead of using both y and z.


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  • Suppose that as a kind of back-up security whenever revolution has done is-- produced so much redundancy in the brain that either half of the brain was sufficed.


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  • I see finance as the underpinning of so much that happens.


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  • Well, I've given a number who have quoted him on a number of reasons but one suggestion might be that it is not so much peace alone that Hobbes cherishes as life. Peace is a means to life.


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  • We don't really have a clue yet, or not much of a clue, as to how you could even so much as begin to-- it's not that merely that we don't have the details worked out.


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