• They said, are they out of porcelain? And I said 'Why,sure!'" William Wilhelmi made these boots with the slip cast method.

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  • The Freudian slip is something that one lives with simply as a phenomenon of the slippage of consciousness under the influence of the unconscious.


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  • And it's dangerous. People slip and fall on the snow because it's made of ice.


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  • The sun slowly starts to slip behind the trees.

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  • This is the place where people typically slip up in debugging. They don't think in advance what they expect the result to be.


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  • Slip casting is another method.

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  • If you knew your way around in the funhouse like your own bedroom, you could wait until a girl came along and then slip away without ever getting caught, even if her boyfriend was right with her.


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  • There are different kinds of faults. In this case,the damage was caused by movement of a "strike-slip fault."

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  • You know that in The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Freud reminded us that the Freudian slip isn't something that happens just sometimes ; and nobody knows this better than an ad libbing lecturer; it's something that happens all the time.


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  • More than two months after inconclusive national elections, Sunnis are once again watching their chances of major representation in parliament appear to slip away.

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  • What worries you about America today, terrorism, wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, economy, the deficit, medicare, social security or America's place in the world, which many say sliping or begining to slip?


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  • Unidentified Obama administration officials on Wednesday were quoted as anticipating that negotiations on a final bill would not be complete until after the president's State of the Union Address in January, and could slip into February.

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  • So I want to propose that the literary traditions' renaming of this piece from A Mask to Comus is more than just a slip, or more than just a random shift of terms or of names.


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  • Obama administration officials have been quoted as saying they anticipate negotiations on a final bill would not be complete until after the president's State of the Union Address in January, and could slip even later into the new year.

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  • I'll probably slip into talking about this experiment as though it's being done to me.


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  • PROFESSOR: Part of Scheme, whoa, there's a Freudian slip, John thank you, John.


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let slip 错过;无意中吐露;放走

slip away 逃走;悄悄溜走

slip in 悄悄溜入;偷偷溜进去

slip into v. 溜进;使滑入;匆忙穿上;[俚]大吃

strike slip [地理学]走向位移;走向滑距

slip surface 滑面,滑动面

slip on 套裙;滑动的

slip line 滑线;滑动线

deposit slip n. 存款单

slip velocity 滑移速度

slip out 溜出;悄悄地溜出去

slip ratio 滑移比率,滑率,滑差系数

slip by 飞掠而过

slip up v. 疏忽;跌倒;遭到不幸

slip form 滑模,滑动模板

slip ring 滑环;集电环

slip casting [化]注浆成型法

slip of the tongue 口误;失言;小错误

slip out of 溜走,从…中滑出

slip plane 滑移面;滑动面;滑面;侧滑面

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