• It was the center of their universe. And it was called the 'hydraulic city' because it had really remarkably massive arrays of barays, which are these giant water tanks and a series of canals and interconnected waterways that was really unparalleled in the ancient world in that part of the world."

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  • And what they found remarkably was significant similarities among these twins, sometimes to the points of unbelievable.


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  • This is really moving poetry, remarkably so.


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  • But nevertheless, Hobbes was remarkably successful in converting us to his point of view.


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  • Weight is remarkably well controlled if you let your body do its business.


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  • But actually, hazing is illegal but a remarkably successful tool.


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  • And the brain is a remarkably beautiful and complex structure involving cortex, the cortex has maybe over 50 billions neurons and each one is connected to a thousand others and so forth.


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  • That is, until the great archaeological discoveries of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which unearthed for us the great civilizations of the Ancient Near East, of which I have drawn a remarkably life-like map ] here on the board: Mediterranean, I always start with the Mediterranean Ocean, the Nile River, the Tigris and the Euphrates.


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  • We think a lot about weight in this country, but weight is a remarkably carefully controlled parameter of a person, that is, you have to work pretty hard to gain weight or to lose weight.


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  • Things like steel and polymers, or plastics, and ceramics, and of course computers which has progressed remarkably due to the work of engineers in your lifetime, until now you can carry around a cell phone, which would have been unthinkable even 30 years ago.


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  • We take in a lot of food and water everyday, every year, and yet most of us our weight stays remarkably stable over that period of time for adults despite how much we eat and how much we drink.


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