• Elvis continued to have success in the 1970s, but his abusive drug habit and a grinding tour schedule soon caught up with him.

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  • if I could type, in order to just to get into that, in order to get into the habit.


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  • It's a really disgusting habit and you have to stop doing this. It's so impolite.


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  • Nurse Kristi Edmondson thinks her smoking habit is nobody's business but her own.

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  • And if I'm already in this habit, let my software, let my computer do that thinking for me and bubble up to the top of my attention what I should address first.


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  • "I was one of these teenagers, and so I know how difficult it can be to break this habit when it's been with you for a long time,".

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  • I'm not certain it's meaningful, unless you are in the habit of giving your furniture personal names.


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  • "We have got a lot of work to do to reach this goal." "Our economy has fallen into the habit of buying from overseas and not selling the way it needs to.

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  • Those kinds of desires are connected also with that American habit of consumption.


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  • We have a habit in this society to think that individual rights, when they drafted the Bill of Rights, was just laid down for us and it's just traveled through time and here they are.


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  • And they got in this habit of, every time they had a bright, happy text, they'd set this in one kind of mode or key-- a major mode--and every time they had a sad one, they'd set it in minor.


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  • In other words he's saying lawfulness like every other virtue is a habit it is a habit of behavior and the habit of destroying disobeying even an unjust law will make people altogether lawless.


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  • Okay? So the best way for writing to create a habit is start a journal.


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  • So if you archive it, that's maybe a little hint that either this is just your habit or perhaps that you might actually care about this later in the future, whereas if you delete it, no, you really don't care. Yeah.


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  • And get into the habit of using it to help you define what is the flow of control.


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  • So I'll now start to get into that habit, even though it's a bit of distracting detail, it's just consistent with the expectations that the compiler really has.


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  • I've certainly written code that has this problem, I've tried to use my own code that has this problem, and good to us, right, good hygiene, I'm going to use that word again here, of getting into the habit of writing defensive code up front, it's part of that collection of things that you ought to do is a great thing to do.


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  • But for now, it's probably simpler just always use the curly braces just to get into the habit.


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  • Right, so the things we want you to take away from this are, get into the habit of using pseudo code when you sit down to start a problem, write out what are the steps.


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  • Okay. Good practice for writing is, you have to create something as a habit.


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  • It's a bad habit to get into, because when you come back to it, it may haunt you later on down the road. So really get into that notion of trying to be defensive as you program.


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