• "I mean,he hands over 80 percent of his low-enriched uranium: that means for the next 13 months he will not be able to go down that path, meaning that he will lose a lot of leverage with the West,"

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  • If you go down to the boardwalk, you might want to go with some friends


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  • Better to go down dignified With boughten friendship at your side Than none at all. Provide, provide!


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  • You buy something that's down 30% but it's got another 50% to go and I think it just has to do with time horizon.


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  • the battle took place over some land that was being contested on a frontier and they would go down to that area and pick a spot and there they would go and fight with one another.


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  • Yet despite the false starts, and the trials, and the years of famine, and the childlessness, and the infertility, the seed of Abraham survives, and the promise is reiterated: "I will go down myself with you to Egypt, and I myself will also bring you back."


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  • It used to be case that trained people like dieticians would have to sit down and go through one by one by one and do nutrient analysis, but of course the computer helps with that.


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