• He says academically and professionally, it is impossible to distinguish students from poor and elite backgrounds.

    VOA: standard.2010.02.02

  • Milton devotes a lot of time in Areopagitica to making a number of attempts to distinguish licensing from censorship.


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  • But if in fact my reading practice can be shown not clearly to distinguish between meaning and significance, well, then that's what would happen.


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  • It does not distinguish the results in each country.

    VOA: standard.2010.08.06

  • It's because man alone has the faculty of speech and the ability to distinguish good from bad,and right from wrong.


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  • With the three parties running so close, each candidate will be hoping to distinguish himself as a clear leader, in the hope of pulling ahead and avoiding a hung parliament - where no one party wins a majority of seats.

    VOA: standard.2010.04.22

  • But they could also distinguish between phonemic contrasts that are not exemplified in English, such as phonemic contrasts in Czech or Hindi.


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  • You could distinguish between some properties of these processes that extend out, in that most of them are what are called dendrites.


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  • Joshua Bolten had a long and a distinguish carrer in the White House in the Bush White House.


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  • The Hittite laws too: there are different amounts fixed by class in the miscarriage laws, 95 and 99. The middle Assyrian laws also distinguish between the awilum, the mushkenum and the slave.


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  • So, these sound more different, so I think I'll be able to distinguish.


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  • Scholars distinguish between the early Platonic dialogues, the so-called Socratic dialogues, where the thought is, those are the views of Socrates, the actual historical figure.


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  • So, anyway. Okay. But now, that modernist tradition is something that Nabokov owes a lot to, but he always tries to distinguish himself from it. For Nabokov, the highest value is originality.


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  • While other species," he notes, "may have voice, may have sounds and be able to distinguish pleasure and pain, Logos speech"--logos is his word for it.


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  • So here, you have an attempt to distinguish higher from lower pleasures.


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  • We can't really distinguish from this.


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  • Well, that's the case only, I say in conclusion, if we can distinguish between meaning and significance.


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  • I have to be able to distinguish between all the signs I use in any communicative sequence.


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  • If Israel doesn't observe the prohibitions that distinguish the Sabbath as sacred, it's automatically desecrated.


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  • We need to distinguish perhaps between what he consciously believes and what he unconsciously believes.


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  • Now, I think the best response on the part of the dualist to this reply is to distinguish two aspects of feelings, two aspects of emotions.


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  • So, we might have to distinguish between any old accomplishment and genuinely valuable accomplishments.


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  • Having distinguished two, and only two, kinds of regimes, republics and principalities, as the only ones worth mentioning, he goes on to distinguish two kinds of principalities.


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  • racial or ethnic characteristics that distinguish the natural slave from the natural master.


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  • In a stunning admission, he says, listen to this, that "while nature may intend to distinguish the free man from the slave," he says, "the opposite often results.


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  • How does he distinguish the well-ordered ? regimes from the corrupt regimes?


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  • I wanted to distinguish 3 different possible interpretations, 3 different claims.


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  • So, some people in their day-to-day lives have many interactions and I think one of the things we know from interacting with people is we can distinguish them from other people.


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  • Let me just distinguish two broad types.


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  • He says, "They aren't authors. They're founders of discursivity," and then he grants that it's kind of difficult to distinguish between a founder of discursivity and an author who has had an important influence. Right?


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