• Sandra Cohen did. "Do some researchwith a genetic counselor.

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  • Great grandfather that said That's right. So you know with that pastoral and it seems like I think as guidance counselor, we owe a lot to guidance counselors.


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  • I realized that I would just cry all of the time and I was not going to be a very good counselor,


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  • "Over the past several years, I have had the honor to call Teddy a colleague, a counselor and a friend,"

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  • But I was invited to come, and I would say as a trailing spouse to become, to work as a counselor on the campus of Earlham College, which is a small, really wonderful and far reaching, -Wonderful, wonderful college.


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  • Helen White, a former school counselor, founded the after-school program "I know a lot of very sad stories of many mountain children."

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  • I was a psychology major in undergrad, and really thought that I wanted to be a counselor.


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  • "I am today announcing the establishment of an independent privy counselor committee of inquiry.

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  • I am a full-time yoga teacher and Ayurvedic wellness counselor.


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  • Some were told to meet with a counselor once a month.

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  • Every summer I've worked as a camp counselor


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  • So I was a counselor for a year, and then they invited me to become a dean, an assistant dean, in order to not only work with individual students and their issues, but to also think about campus culture and ways we might help prepare the culture for the change that was taking place.


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guidance counselor 咨询顾问

minister counselor 公使

school counselor 学校辅导员

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