• They allege that the company's drilling polluted their water with chemicals,metals and methane, the main constituent of natural gas, causing explosions as well as gastrointestinal and neurological illness.

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  • It uses what in the Structural Anthropology essay he calls "mythemes" or "gross constituent units" of thought.


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  • How many changes of the constituent parts can you ? have and still be the same hunk of stuff?


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  • Well, that's because it's actually not a gross constituent unit in a semiotic system, right?


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  • What happens in the intestine is that food gets broken down into constituent molecules, some of those molecules are absorbed into our bodies.


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  • That's very useful for things like chemical reactions where this constituent changes to this one.


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  • And so the food is a broader constituent of what we consume; the nutrient will be the pieces of the food that affect bodily function.


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  • For example, in terms of the atomic theory of matter, at the time at the turn of the Century, the understanding was that atoms were the most basic constituent of matter, meaning you couldn't break atoms up into anything smaller - that was it, you're done.


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  • It deploys and manipulates those gross constituent units of thought in the ways that we saw, but notice what Levi-Strauss is saying in that essay as opposed to the passage Derrida has just quoted.


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  • Delta H of formation means the enthalpy of this compound minus the enthalpy of its constituent elements in their most stable state at room temperature and pressure.


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  • I just want to flag the thought that you can be the very same hunk of stuff, even if some of the constituent atoms have changed along the way.


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  • You can see in the New World with maize being important how America has become a corn dominated society, even though it's still true that we raise wheat, we raise other things in the United States, and we can import different foods, corn has become an incredibly important constituent of the diet in the U.S.


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constituent structure 句子结构;成分结构

chemical constituent 化学组分,化学成分

active constituent 活性组分

main constituent 主成分

constituent ratio 构成比,结构相对数

effective constituent 有效成分

constituent element 组元;组成部件

constituent stock 成分股

constituent assembly 立宪会议;国民代表大会

mineral constituent 矿物成分;矿物组成

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