• are built in parks and on college campus, hazards consist of things like fountains,parking lots,and ditches.

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  • It wasn't nearly as big as Rome, which would consist of a million inhabitants fairly quickly around this time.


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  • And both consist of either riding round the big arena and doing jumps in a race or


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  • (OMITTED) Amateur prizes consist of trophies and merchandise, while professional purses can run as high as $2,500 or more at events like the world championships.

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  • According to this theory, the atoms consist of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by a stream of electrons kept together by attractive forces from the nucleus.


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  • Spats within the opposition stem largely from ideological differences among the three opposition parties which consist of a conservative Islamic group that caters to the Malay Muslim majority;

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  • So people are, or people have, or people consist of, bodies and souls.


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  • Independent Russian military analyst Viktor Litovkin says Russia lacks combat support systems rather than firing units, and notes that such systems consist of drones, precision weapons,reconnaissance,navigation, communication,and guidance systems,etc.

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  • What does this reformation, so to speak, ? or transformation consist of?


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  • And the dominant problems concern consist of a lack of social connectedness, problems with language, problems dealing with people, and more generally, a problem of what the psychologist, Simon Baron-Cohen has described as "mind blindness."


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consist of 由…构成

consist in 在于;存在于

consist with 符合;与…一致

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