• It has experienced internal divisions and rising tensions in the past year, as major political parties struggle to agree on a basic political structure.

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  • Number one, the basic structure is that you have a pointer and it points over to a pointee, but the pointer and pointee are separate and the common error is to set up a pointer but to forget to give it a pointee.


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  • So here are their payoffs and once again the basic structure of the game hasn't changed.


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  • We can look at the basic structure of Deuteronomy in a couple of ways.


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  • So he says, no one would take seriously the proposal that a human organism learns through experience to have arms rather than wings, or that the basic structure of particular organs results from accidental experience.


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  • Today it is the hope of many people both here and abroad That we might even overcome might even transcend the basic structure of regime politics altogether and organize our world around global norms of justice and international law.


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  • And what Alexander and his successors did was they took that basic Greek structure, and they transplanted it all over the Eastern Mediterranean, whether they were in Egypt or Syria or Asia Minor or anyplace else.


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  • The native structure is this double stranded structure here and if I heat it up slightly and I add some base, so under slightly basic conditions, these molecules will fall apart because you've created conditions where the hydrogen bonding is no longer favorable so they peel apart.


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  • We have the same basic structure, the same outcomes, but we imagine people cared about different things and we end up with a very different answer.


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  • What I'm gonna do is draw a larger table, the same basic structure: I'm choosing Alpha and Beta on the rows, my pair is choosing Alpha and Beta on the columns, but now I'm going to put both grades in.


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  • In one model we thought of the firms setting quantities and the market determining prices, and here we have the firms setting prices and the market determining quantities, but the basic underlying economic structure of this is very, very similar.


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