• 企业HR管理者构建学习交流平台

    It is a learning and communication platform built up for HR managers of enterprises.


  • 简言之提供英语其他语种亦然下同学习交流平台

    In brief, provide an English(it's the same as other languages, the same below) learning and communication platform. We welcome the following content:1.


  • 外贸英语商务英语外贸行业英语学习交流平台英语世界贸易主流语言所以学习英语从事外贸行业基础

    Business English, Business English and English learning platform for foreign trade, English is the dominant language of world trade, so learning English is a good basis for engaging in foreign trade.


  • 非英语专业研究生英语教师不仅仅知识传授者,应该他们创造英语学习交流平台

    Why they learn English is not purely pass the exams, but the implication of English in their research. (2) Asking for instructors scaffolding for postgraduates' L2 learning.


  • 通过举办这次活动美食展商广大市民群众提供一个美食品尝展销宣传推广和交流学习平台

    Through this event, will cuisine exhibitors and the general public to provide a gourmet taste of the masses, sales promotion, publicity and promotion and the exchange of learning platform.


  • 我们信心继续把第四研修班办好,继续国内传媒从业人员提供这个国际著名传媒专家互相学习交流平台

    We have the confidence to continue out successful collaboration and provide a platform for domestic media professionals to learn and communicate with internationally famous media experts.


  • 国际义工项目的参与者及爱好者提供交流学习平台

    A platform for communication and exchanges among international volunteers/ voluntravellers, or those who seek to be a part of them.


  • 在此,我们要再次贵协会及贵校表达最诚挚的谢意,希望以后更多机会贵协会以及贵校合作更多深中学生以及深圳学生提供这样一个交流学习平台

    Hope there will be more opportunities to cooperate with you so as to provide such a platform of exchange study for Shenzhen High School students along with other students in Shenzhen.


  • 有意创业学生提供企业家距离正面交流学习平台

    Provide an exclusive platform for students to be connected and immersed in a real business setting.


  • “浙大周”将为企业家博士在校博士生)、以及社会思考者提供自由交流学习平台提供平等对话演练的场所。 并着重提高博士生的学术水平讨论企业家的管理困惑、探讨管理问题近期目标。

    This forum provides entrepreneurs, doctors and thinker with not only a platform to exchange ideas and learn from each other, but also a place to communicate with each other fairly and freely.


  • 全世界热衷中国文化热心学习汉语中外朋友提供学习交流网络平台

    Craves the Chinese culture for the world, studies Chinese warm-heartedly the Chinese and foreign friend provides the study exchange the network platform.


  • 俱乐部致力于酒店部门搭建一个人、汇智、学习交流优质平台酒店各部门培训者之间交流经验探讨疑难、资料共享提供便利。

    The club is dedicated to create a condition for all departments gathering, study and communication with each other, which is a good chance for department trainers to exchange experience, materials.


  • 协会保证公共安全制定相关法律规范,为技术交流学习提供平台,从而有益于全球工程技术交流协作。

    ASME develops codes and standards that enhance public safety, and enables learning and technical exchange opportunities benefiting the global engineering and technology community.


  • 因此我们每月不定期举行此类活动学员提供交流学习平台

    Therefore, we will continue to held the ECA in every month henceforth, in order to provide English practice chance for our students.


  • 必将成为世界汉语学习交流国际化平台

    Also will certainly to become the world Chinese study, the exchange internationalization platform!


  • 此外,我们提供良好学习环境技术交流平台,专业的外教英语培训海外工作培训机会

    Furthermore each staff will have a great English learning and practicing environment and oversea training chance.


  • 培训中心库柏员工我们的合作伙伴提供交流学习分享平台

    The center has been developed as the place in China for Cooper employees and partners to meet, learn and share best practices.


  • 是个集合分享学习交流表演艺术平台

    HNYS are equiprd with sharing, learning, communication and performing arts platform.


  • 教育国际致力于中国学生提供一个良好英语学习环境搭建英语交流平台

    In Beacon, we provide a well-structured and organized school leaving course for Chinese students using English as the primary medium of instruction but placing equal emphasis on Chinese.


  • 活动目的提高杭城品质生活打造宽松自由平等交流平台培养英语学习兴趣

    Objective: To improve the life quality of Hangzhou people, create a relaxing, free, fair communicating platform for them, and cultivate their interests in English learning.


  • 实质面向全国资源共享距离全新交流方式教育学习平台新型工具平台

    Essence is the resource sharing, facing the whole country is a zero distance, is a new way of communication, a kind of new education learning platform, a new type of tool platform.


  • 随着互联网迅猛发展,网络成为青少年学生学习知识交流思想休闲娱乐重要平台

    As the internet develops, it becomes the main resource for young students to gain knowledge, exchange their ideas and entertain themselves.


  • 班级风采网站为了合理利用网络资源提供班级学习交流有效管理班级事务网络平台

    The website of class-style is used to rationalize the use of network resources, provide learning and communication, and effectively manage the classes' affairs.


  • 一直笃信分享学习力量网易一个绝佳交流平台喜欢这里,也喜欢他们互动交流

    I've always believed in the power of sharing and learning and NetEase is a great place to connect, I enjoy the people and their interactions with me.


  • 希望这里能够成为大家交流讨论行情学习英文平台

    We hope it will become the plat where we communion, discuss EIA market and study English.


  • 城市规划公共主页致力于广大城市规划学习从业者爱好者提供信息共享, 互动交流平台

    The public homepage of URBAN PLANNING is aimed at providing an approach for students, practitioners and enthusiasts to share information and communicate.


  • 除了定期网络学习努力大家创造国内、外专家交流平台

    Besides regular online classes to transmit professional knowledge, the club also provides a platform to interact with experts all around the world.


  • 除了定期网络学习努力大家创造国内、外专家交流平台

    Besides regular online classes to transmit professional knowledge, the club also provides a platform to interact with experts all around the world.


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