• But Torfaen council said the laptops remain in working condition.

    BBC: Laptop

  • Opened in 1871, Souter was the first lighthouse in the world designed and built to be powered by electricity, with its foghorn kept in working condition by a dedicated team of local volunteers.

    BBC: Souter Lighthouse to host 'Foghorn Requiem'

  • The panel also felt that specific types of helmets or mouth guards did not demonstrate any significant advantages and recommended players to make sure their helmets and mouth guards were well fitted and maintained in good working condition.

    FORBES: Safety Prevails -- In Updated Guidelines To Manage Concussions

  • Such an assumption is akin to claiming that a television set left on and unattended will still be in working condition after a million years because no natural events, such as rust, erosion, static electricity, and earthquakes can affect it.

    FORBES: ENCODE Papers Get A Fisking

  • If they don't, they usually grant working visas on condition of a job offer, in which case companies carry out their own recruitment process.

    BBC: How it's worked out

  • In the longer term the health board has said it will look for an alternative in the Hay and Talgarth area due to the limited working life and condition of buildings at the Bronllys site.

    BBC: Mid Wales

  • In continuation of its numerous interventions in the past, UNESCO is currently working on the condition survey of the shrine of Jam Nizamuddin, one of the most exquisite and comparatively better standing shrine of the necropolis.

    UNESCO: World Heritage Site at Makli

  • In 1872, Disraeli spoke out in favour of helping "the condition of working men", of government intervention to do so and of taking action - controversial at the time - to heal the divide between rich and poor.

    BBC: UK Politics

  • In 1872 a Tory leader, Benjamin Disraeli, spoke out in favour of helping "the condition of working men", of government intervention to do so and of taking action - controversial at the time - to heal the divide between rich and poor.

    BBC: Ed Miliband - An historic speech?

  • The experience of Manchester workers inspired his book The Condition of the Working Class in England.

    BBC: Archaeologists find Friedrich Engels' club

  • Working phones can be rejected since condition is determined on a case-by-case basis, says Mike Guild, senior manager of Best Buy's Trade-In Program in Minneapolis, which started in 2009.

    WSJ: Finding a Market for Your Old Electronics

  • Officials in Tehran have attempted to put a brave face on their current fiscal condition, but are simultaneously working overtime to mitigate the effects that international pressure is having on the solvency and stability of their regime.

    FORBES: The Mirage Of Nuclear Talks With Iran

  • "In London they're more interested in working with you to help you manage the condition, " he said.

    BBC: Photo of hip x-ray

  • Media reports in Greece and abroad say creditors are demanding the government extend the working week to six days, as a condition for releasing more funds as part of the country's second bailout.

    CNN: Greeks pushed to work more to pay debt

  • The Nobel Committee actually expects us to believe that, out of all human organizations working for peace and the improvement of the human condition, Al Gore's paltry four-year media circus of climate change advocacy is the most significant achievement we have to show for ourselves?

    CNN: readers sound off on Gore, Nobel Peace Prize

  • He points to the incident involving Danny Fitzsimons - who shot dead Scottish security contractor Paul McGuigan and another colleague in Iraq in 2009 while suffering from PTSD - as evidence that the condition is a very real risk factor for those working as private security contractors.

    BBC: Post-traumatic stress and the hired gun

  • The researchers say there are low-cost ways of improving the situation and of reducing the stigma often faced by people with epilepsy and their families - such as working with traditional healers and awareness campaigns to increase understanding of the condition.

    BBC: Epilepsy 'is a global health problem'

  • For the individual identity condition, a senior leader at Wipro spent 15 minutes discussing ways in which working at the company would enable the newcomers to express their individuality.

    FORBES: First Minutes Are Critical in New-Employee Orientation

  • For a start, that means working out a way to disseminate the sensitive nitty-gritty to the right people, a condition that both publications said must be met if they are to remove these details from the public versions of the papers.

    ECONOMIST: Flu research and public safety

  • The i2i Can-do Toolkit provides guidance to registered social landlords building new affordable homes and working towards the Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS) on making targeted recruitment and training a condition of contract when they appoint companies to carry out work on their behalf.

    BBC: Democracy Live site links

  • Concerned about reports that the Pakistani military is working at cross-purposes and, in some cases, aiding the Taliban, Congress is trying to condition the money on progress made by Pakistani forces in rooting out extremists.

    CNN: Obama faces test on Afghanistan, Pakistan

  • The United States is aware of the claim that an American woman was killed and is working through the Czech Republic mission in Syria to obtain more information, a State Department official told CNN on condition of anonymity.

    CNN: American's family: She went to Syria to help

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