• Currently they donate 100% of profits from their Salus wine label to support this initiative.

    FORBES: Wines That Champion Worthy Causes With Every Purchase

  • This summer he plans to roll out a wine label, a utility company and an online brokerage.

    FORBES: Red Baron

  • Searching for images via phone pictures is still somewhat limited--a demo using a wine bottle label flopped, and Gundotra had to rely on taking a photo of an image on screen (doubtless, already inside Google's servers).

    FORBES: Real-time search, translation, location--everywhere?

  • Wines that are 7 percent to 14 percent alcohol by volume may list alcohol content or put "light" or "table" wine on the label.

    NPR: Are Nutritional Labels Coming On Alcoholic Drinks

  • It remains perfectly legal to manufacture sparkling wine in this country and label it simply Champagne, not method champenoise, not New York Champagne, not California sparkling wine, but Champagne, just as they do in France.

    FORBES: Most Parmesan Cheeses In America Are Fake, Here's Why

  • When wine maker Dave Phinney was looking for a label for his latest Zinfandel blended wine, he looked no further than an etching by Spanish artist Francisco Jose de Goya (1746-1828).

    FORBES: A Wine For Wall Street This Season, "The Prisoner"

  • Saturday, January 26 will mark the culmination of a 38-year project of the Coppola family as guests at the Epicurean Epicenter will get to taste the first wine under the Inglenook label in over 50 years.

    FORBES: Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Cuisine Plus The First Wine From Inglenook In 50 Years Equals A Foodie Paradise

  • Wine carrying the Petite Sirah label is thus, unknown to growers and drinkers alike, often a blend rather than a pure varietal.

    ECONOMIST: Secrets of the Cabernet

  • "Absolute crap, " says Joseph Carr, a wine marketer who produced a private label for golf great Greg Norman and whom Shapiro hired to be his head of sales and marketing.

    FORBES: Corkscrewed

  • But the third bottle-2 Brothers Big Tattoo Red-had a label that told me how the wine came into being.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Perhaps he, like many of us, shared the sentimental view espoused on the back label of a million bottles that wine is a simple agricultural product, the fermented juice of grapes that is maybe aged for a time and then bottled.

    FORBES: Faking It

  • It gives Ramona Valley its own wine appellation, meaning wine produced in the area can carry its own label.

    NPR: Ramona Valley: New American Viticultural Area

  • This tasty second label for Adelsheim (also the 2012 Wine and Spirits Winery of the Year) vineyards is a great go-to Pinot with its approachable, bouncy fruit, ripe strawberry nose, spice and earth.

    FORBES: Want Great Deals In Wine? Look For The Second Label

  • Wine has long been the industry leader in terms of label customization, but the wineries offering this service at the individual level tend to be of lesser prestige.

    FORBES: Holiday Gifts Made Easy: Personalized Wine & Spirits Labels

  • Richard Budrik, 54, had been mangager of a Manhattan wine store for two decades when he decided last year to start his own record label.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Richard Budrik, 54, had been manager of a Manhattan wine store for two decades when he decided last year to start his own record label.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Indeed, K-J relies on widespread brand recognition. (Jackson filed a losing lawsuit against Gallo for mimicking K-J's label with its cheaper Turning Leaf line.) But Jackson believes that wine is sold differently from other consumer products: K-J eschews most advertising--it focuses instead on the point of sale in restaurants and retailers.

    FORBES: Harvest Time

  • California has also managed to import some of the grape's Old World confusion factor, since the state's wineries tend to label bottles "Pinot Grigio" or "Pinot Gris" based on whim rather than wine style.

    FORBES: Wine & Spirts

  • Soutter bought the Yellow Tail name, label and in-store marketing program off the shelf from the Adelaide design house Just Add Wine just after arriving from performing a post-mortem on Carramar in New York with W.J.

    FORBES: High-tailing it

  • Full disclosure, the wines were not tasted blind, so guests were indeed influenced by the weight of the bottle and the hauteur of the label—we all know that heavy bottles and fancy labels tend to make us think the wine is expensive.

    FORBES: The Winners In A People's Tasting Of Cabernet Sauvignon

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