• But they're kind of, you know, very educated, very well-read people who are completely estranged from their father.

    NPR: A Beautiful Movie: 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly'

  • Tapes n Tapes first attained popularity through a series of positive notices on well-read music blogs.

    NPR: Tapes N Tapes: Walking Into Success

  • They were either great readers of literature, or they made sure that their advisors were well-read.

    FORBES: Freed Thinking

  • Bill Walsh had no known writing talents, but I knew he was extremely well-read on football and military history.

    FORBES: Bill Walsh, Maverick Football Coach

  • Opinion makers, like the well-read think tank leader turned radio talk show host, Mark Levin, are also trying to reach this market.

    FORBES: Latino Immigrants Want Salsa. Are We Giving Them Ketchup?

  • Mr Twombly is a well-read painter, and his work is saturated with references to the Greek myths, and to poets such as T.

    ECONOMIST: American contemporary art

  • In Paris, she violates yet another social rubric by falling in love with a married man, a well-read, clever romantic who is also a bit of a cad.

    ECONOMIST: New fiction

  • Dritan is a fascinating and well-read guy, a native Albanian speaker, someone with significant on-the-ground experience running political campaigns in Eastern Europe, and (in the interests of full disclosure) a fellow Harvard alum.

    FORBES: Various Matters

  • The first unsettling report originated in The Free Press, has been corroborated by multiple sources and was covered on Forbes by Rich Ungar, in a very well-read post, Romney Family Investment Ties To Voting Machine Company That Could Decide The Election Causing Concern.

    FORBES: The Technological Foundations Of Today's Election Are Shaky, Especially In Ohio

  • And as often happens when I read well-written posts, it sparked a whole other chain of thinking in me.

    FORBES: How To Be Seen As A Leader - At Any Point In Your Career

  • Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke should take a well-deserved break, read some history about the distinct popularity that gold and sound money have maintained over the years around the globe, and do some reflecting.

    FORBES: There Must Be Moscow Gold

  • The second reason to read this well-written book is the wealth of social detail that Mr Willetts, with his wonderful magpie mind, spreads before the reader.

    ECONOMIST: Social change

  • He can't place them and recommends that they run ads in local newspapers likely to be read by well-to-do home owners, or in trade publications like the Caretaker Gazette.


  • Not only was "Reasons NOT to Marry a Career Woman" one of the most offensive articles I have ever read in a widely-read and well-respected publication, but then once the criticism started, you removed it from publication.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But however well Mr Milosevic thinks he can read the Balkan tea-leaves, he could well overestimate his own strength—with deadly consequences for the region.

    ECONOMIST: Kosovo on the brink, again

  • Just read a scathing, well-written indictment of the current state of Goldman Sachs, an op-ed in the NYT by Greg Smith, an executive director of the firm, and head of its United States equity derivatives business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    FORBES: It's the Customer, Stupid

  • My twelve-year-old twins had been read an excerpt from the book by their teacher, a well-known provocateur.

    NEWYORKER: America’s Top Parent

  • He said he was an Argentine journalist who wanted to interview Morini for a well-known magazine with a big circulation, widely read all over Latin America, from Argentina to Mexico.

    NEWYORKER: Álvaro Rousselot’s Journey

  • Concise, well-conceived content also takes less time to decipher and read, thus saving time and frustration at the back end too.

    FORBES: The Beauty Of Brevity: How Conciseness Saves Companies Cash

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