• Within a few years, the lab developed radar systems used for naval navigation, weather prediction, and the detection of bombers and U-boats.

    NEWYORKER: Groupthink

  • For over two decades, Arctic indigenous men and women have been reporting increasingly erratic weather conditions that confound their efforts at weather prediction.


  • Entering the main exhibit, we're met by darkness and 40 seven-foot screens that will soon come to life, telling stories of space exploration, weather prediction and medicine.

    ENGADGET: IBM's THINK Exhibit invades NYC, aims to inspire (video)

  • But quite apart from that not being what will happen (they are already calling for a programme the size of the weather prediction business, supercomputers and all) and thus much more money than that will be wasted, the programme itself will introduce horrible uncertainty into the system.

    FORBES: No, You Can't Build a Big Computer to Model the Financial Markets

  • But the National Weather Service prediction proved almost perfect.

    CNN: Chertoff: Katrina scenario did not exist

  • In October 1995, the National Severe Storms Forecast Center was renamed the Storm Prediction Center, and as part of the weather service's modernization program, the Storm Prediction Center was moved to Norman, Oklahoma.


  • The prediction for stormy weather in the New York City region produced delays at major airports.

    WSJ: Damaging storms moving through east, south

  • On Sunday damaging winds struck Fredericksburg, Virginia, and collapsed a building, injuring two people, according to the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center.

    CNN: Past 12 months warmest ever recorded in United States

  • According to the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center, a Van Buren County highway was blocked by fallen trees and an 18-wheeler truck was overturned.

    CNN: Tornado smashes Arkansas homes, destroys church

  • One person died and a second was injured in the east-central Missouri town of Cuba on Saturday in storms, according to the weather service's Storm Prediction Center.

    CNN: Cold front breaks heat wave, brings storms

  • Until recently, for a chance of rain of 30%, the Weather Channel's weather.com had shown icons of rain, which for users who don't look at percentages will look like a prediction of wet weather even though the firm's computer models predict that seven out of 10 times on similar days, there will be no rain.

    WSJ: Some Percentages Are Just Fair-Weather Friends

  • Mr McCallum admitted in a news conference in April that seasonal forecasting was still in its infancy - a cross between climate change prediction and tomorrow's weather forecast.

    BBC: Met Office cools summer forecast

  • On Wednesday, the threat shifts farther east, with parts of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia at moderate risk of severe weather, including damaging winds and isolated tornadoes, the Storm Prediction Center said.


  • The Storm Prediction Center in Norman predicted a slight chance of severe weather in the Northeast on Sunday, mainly from the Washington, D.

    NPR: Cleanup Goes On As Storms Move Toward East Coast

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