• Founded pachinko and slots company Aruze, which recently acquired U.S. gaming-machine content supplier, True Blue Gaming.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In the jungle of the financial world, there are few true blue gentlemen of ideal temperament and standards, whose word you can trust.

    FORBES: True Blue Gents Of Finance

  • Ultimately these shifts could undermine the true blue political strategy, perhaps as early as the 2010 congressional and state elections, and certainly after reapportionment.

    FORBES: New Geographer

  • True blue California has an even worse debt rating.

    FORBES: New Geographer

  • It is true that blue-collar, unionized, metal-bending shops that employed workers by the thousands are gone.

    FORBES: Made In Silicon Valley

  • On many, if not most, issues, Lieberman is a true-blue Democrat.

    NPR: Thompson Accelerates Pitch to Iowa Voters

  • First, he is a true-blue conservative.

    ECONOMIST: Humdinger! | The

  • So I characterize Blue Dogs as true Democrats.

    NPR: Blue Dogs Democrats Have a Centrist Agenda

  • Representative Giffords is a true Arizona gal, a blue-dog Democrat who prefers riding horses and motorcycles to limos, backs a strong military and is, in fact, married to Navy pilot and combat veteran Mark Kelly (he flew 39 missions in Operation Desert Storm and now commands space shuttle missions).

    FORBES: The Woman Behind the Olbermann Tempest

  • In the blue states the opposite is starting to be true: The richer and more educated one is, the likelier one is to vote Democratic or Independent.

    FORBES: Are Americans Really Unhappy?

  • Prices, even the dealers' true cost, are now laid bare with the click of a mouse on sites like Kelley's Blue Book and Microsoft's CarPoint.

    FORBES: Web wheels

  • Now, it's true that not long ago, you could drop out of high school and reasonably expect to find a blue-collar job that would pay the bills and help support your family.

    WHITEHOUSE: Helping America Become a “Grad Nation”

  • It is also true that Theo Waigel, the finance minister, has put consensus to a severe test by announcing out of the blue that new spending cuts—to be taken from welfare—may prove necessary this year to permit Germany to join Europe's single currency.

    ECONOMIST: Germany

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