• This caused rats to eat up to six times their normal intake of fat.

    BBC: Fast food 'as addictive as heroin'

  • Now it has no grocery stores or other middlemen, much less costly weigh-in centers, to eat up profits.

    FORBES: Before... and After

  • War spending is expected to eat up the lion's share of the president's budget, which will be released tomorrow.

    NPR: This Week in Washington: Iraq Debate, Intel Estimate

  • Each country would have merrily devalued its currency to increase competitiveness and promoted inflation to eat up the debt pile.

    FORBES: Three Questions Facing Capitalism

  • Central bank purchases, in addition to strong demand from the two largest gold consumers (China and India), continue to eat up gold supply.

    FORBES: Keeping My Head - It Can Be a Lonely Sport

  • If successful, bond yields will rise and all you need is 2% bond yields for interest costs to eat up 80% of Japanese government revenues.

    FORBES: Why Are Asia's Markets Trailing The World?

  • His big bet: Convincing advertisers they'll get bang for their buck by keeping users engaged with games and other interactive fun, which sports freaks tend to eat up.

    FORBES: Fantasy Sports

  • Now OS X is at the heart of Jobs' plan to eat up market share in the computer business--and extend Apple's reach deep into everything from set-top boxes to mobile phones.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Founded in 2001 by two graduate students from the Colorado School of Mines, Oberon aims to address the fish-feed problem by serving farmed fish the bacteria used to eat up the excess food in wastewater streams of food-processing plants.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But his trading costs and management fees are likely to eat up at least 2.5 percentage points, leaving his clients no better off than if they had bought an index fund that simply mimics the returns of the overall market.

    WSJ: Intelligent Investor: Don't Bet the House on Efficient-Market Model

  • As Gillian also heard in compiling the Business Scotland programme, there are significant success stories in the sector - the rapid growth of Skyscanner, based in central Edinburgh and using some very smart software to eat up share of the vast online airline ticket booking market.

    BBC: Stuck on the runway

  • The app doesn't seem to eat up much space (it occupies 4MB on the device), so it appears to be pulling map data OTA. That's a good thing if you're worried about filling up your G1, but bad if you need info quickly or you're not in a data-gettin' spot.

    ENGADGET: An Engadget adventure with TeleNav's G1 GPS software: hands-on, impressions, and video

  • She soon gives up trying to get them to eat and sends up to their room to do their homework.

    NPR: Many Settlers Remain Unanchored After Gaza Evacuation

  • The fans are going to eat it up, this fight's getting the right kind of press and they've done a good job selling it.


  • Meanwhile we nervously await the financial crisis from the euro zone we know it's coming, but we have no idea whether it will simply leave us even poorer, or whether the banks will collapse and money will be worthless and parents will end up having to eat their children (or end up being eaten by them, depending on the size and age of the child).

    WSJ: Social Media

  • Green Houses provide residents with broad autonomy, allowing them to choose, for instance, when to get up and when to eat.

    FORBES: How Senior Communities Can Connect with Their Neighbors

  • Also eating away at your cash: garbage service, the sign out front, having someone clean the grease traps, printing menus--and the temptation to eat or drink up the profits yourself.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The research was done in mice, and compared how mice who lacked the PTCy protein reacted to being fed at night, vs. how normal mice reacted. (Normal mice woke up to eat, mice without PTCy slept through their feedings).

    FORBES: Holiday Overindulgence Got You Down? Blame Your 'Food Clock'

  • The gentle vegetarians eat up to 45 pounds a day of things like bamboo shoots, wild celery and berries.

    FORBES: Meet the Relatives

  • It studied carbon-dioxide flooding but figured that buying the CO2 and building a pipeline to transport it would eat up profits.

    FORBES: The 200 Best Small Companies

  • Using dropdowns, visitors can set the values that mean the most to them, from making friends to setting up utilities to "my children eat less junk food now".

    BBC: Planning life as an expat

  • Greece will shortly complete an overhaul of its tax legislation and come up with proposals to reform state pensions, which now eat up over 11% of GDP.

    ECONOMIST: Greece's fiscal crisis

  • New Zealand's Harold Nelson had been advised not to drink 24 hours before the race, and to eat a dessertspoon of honey in order to soak up all the liquid in his stomach.

    WSJ: Social Media

  • She intends to fatten Hansel up, to make him tastier to eat.

    NPR: A Proms Fairy Tale: Humperdinck's 'Hansel and Gretel'

  • To further trim raw material costs, which eat up 50% of revenue, he worked with engineers to decrease the standard half-liter bottle weight from 23 grams to 12 grams (nearest competitor Crystal Geyser has one weighing 14 grams).

    FORBES: Water, Water Everywhere

  • They want to do all the thinking for you -- when to sleep, when to get up, when to shower, when to eat, what you do, what you can't do, who you can see, when you watch TV, when you go to bed.

    CNN: The freed man

  • When someone offers all-you-can-eat to any customers, those that show up should be ones for whom the amount that they can eat is worth more than the price they expect to pay.

    FORBES: The Economics of All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

  • You could invest them to produce an income or you could just eat into the capital every year to help make up any difference between income and expenditure.

    BBC: Fergus Muirhead

  • Mr. MOONEY: I'm coming over to your house and cook and eat up all your food.

    NPR: Embracing Freedom: Juneteenth Celebrations

  • Daddy and his friends decide to eat her Doritos and play dress up with her.

    FORBES: Super Bowl Ads Serve Up Sexism

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