• Sometimes we watch a movie together, we'll have a nice dinner, and then we go to bed kind of early because we've got to be in bed in time for Santa to get there.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • She was weak for a time, resting in bed most of the day, but little by little she began to take up her household chores again, cooking and cleaning, although she never went back to work.

    NEWYORKER: Temporary

  • Mr. Bones was a stranger to me, and for the first time, lying in bed at night, I began to think, Who are you?

    NEWYORKER: Mr. Bones

  • Flipping on a camera, she saw that the patient with the high heart rate was just experiencing the stress of being helped out of bed for the first time after surgery.

    NEWYORKER: Big Med

  • "We created an outlet for them to feel good about themselves and tap into that youthfulness that had been put to bed for a long time ... you may be 40, but the euphoria of it makes you feel 14 all over again, " Wahlberg said.

    NPR: Walhberg: Boy Band Union Is Strong For Summer Tour

  • Denise said she was able to roll out of bed in the morning for the first time in years.

    FORBES: Human Body's Fat Seen As best Source of Stem Cells For Regenerative Therapies

  • Insult was added to injury as our Commander-in-Chief - he who has not been able to find time for most of his daily intelligence briefings - reportedly went to bed after being advised that the consulate was under attack.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Obama Lied After People Died

  • Both of his sisters were in bed, but he had another half an hour before it was time for him.

    NPR: 'Arson' by Nick Lysohir

  • What followed lights-out at the Sleep Disorders Center was, predictably enough, not sleep. (Imagine for a moment going to bed in a fuse box.) Every time I moved, I got tangled in a wire.

    NEWYORKER: Up All Night

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