• We take to task egregious examples of misquotation from any candidate who chooses to leverage cheap political stunts to mislead voters and muddy the political process.

    FORBES: Brown Whitman Race Begs The Question: What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen?

  • Obama also missed a crucial opportunity to take Romney to task over his 47% comment.

    FORBES: A Narrow Win For Romney

  • Nor does he hesitate to take conservatists to task when they descend to pessimism about our country.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Pearce was one of several Washington policymakers that sought to take Bernanke to task for what they saw as ineffective monetary policy.

    FORBES: Ben Bernanke To House Republicans: QE Helps Average Americans, Not Wall Street

  • There is also the possibility of intervention by the Indonesian government, which is quick to take miners to task over perceived abdication of social responsibility.

    FORBES: Newmont's Revised Production Forecast In Indonesia May Cause Labor Troubles

  • Halloween is fun, and this former Sookie Stackhouse, Lara Croft, and Xena Warrior Princess has no right to take anyone to task for their Halloween spending habits.

    FORBES: Halloween Spending: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

  • Mr Orban's fellow centre-right leaders, who include Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Nicolas Sarkozy, have more leverage over him than other European politicians, and therefore a particular responsibility to take him to task.

    ECONOMIST: Hungary��s government: To Viktor too many spoils | The

  • He wouldn't hesitate to joust with reporters or take them to task if he thought they were simply posturing for the camera.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Even though Algerian largely escaped the kind of large-scale shifts in government seen in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, the government has witnessed an uptick in public criticism and a willingness to take the state to task.

    FORBES: Fresh Trouble for Algerian Oil and Gas

  • In every international forum possible, we should take Beijing to task on human rights abuses, especially its gruesome practice of executing prisoners to "harvest" their organs to sell on the international market.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • "We take them to task, " Zaphiris said.

    WSJ: A Magazine Gives Dogs Their Days

  • We can expect Democratic Senators and even some Republican ones to showboat as they take the nominee to task for his work in a previous incarnation as the head of the National Security Agency (NSA).


  • The sultan did not have to take his favorite brother to task in order to defuse any grave threat of unrest.

    CNN: Editorial: Royal Flushed

  • While affected societies have established their own judicial processes to take their former leaders to task, it is also time for Western countries to acknowledge the pain and dislocation of those who suffered at the hands of these regimes.


  • So if Olmert leaves office without having sent IDF soldiers to throw women and children from their homes, Mitchell, Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will feel free to pressure Netanyahu to take on the task, and to punish him if he refuses.


  • If, as seems likely, the new Homeland Security Department is unable or unwilling to take on this task even though it will be impossible to succeed in its mission without doing so the Congress must fill the vacuum.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • When Jerry decided to take a company like GM to task, his critique could be fierce and to the point.

    FORBES: The Auto Industry Remembers Jerry Flint

  • While not a perfect fit, the parallels between President Bush's half-baked idea of setting up refugee camps on "flat" Iraqi territory -- to be defended by U.S. and allied armed forces and eventually turned over to someone else to manage (if someone like the U.N. steps forward to take on the task) - is eerily reminiscent of the early, ill-defined American commitment to the people of South Vietnam.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Return of the syndrome

  • Any private entity which wanted to take up the monumental task of replacing the Statistical Abstract would need to charge substantially more to make the effort sustainable, at a price that would place the data outside the reach of most of the people who used the former, taxpayer-supported version.

    FORBES: Statistical Tools and Errands for Fools

  • Last week, when news of the deaths of the 11 tigers was released, the State Forestry Administration sent a team to investigate and local officials established task forces to take over the zoo's management.

    FORBES: New Asia

  • If you have nothing to do, offer to take on another task or help a colleague who looks overloaded.

    FORBES: Tips For Young Professionals Starting A New Job

  • Who better to take up the task than a spunky, divisive woman with a cloud of controversy gathering over her head?

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Crown princes and princesses across Europe look ready to take on the task of modern-day monarchy with all the burdens that some believe can only be carried by younger royals.

    CNN: Will any of Europe's other older royals step down?

  • Mr Anstell said until a year ago, the seals were monitored by Natural England, but following funding cuts FHS was asked to take on the task of counting the seals and keeping them safe.

    BBC: Seal pup tourists on Norfolk coast 'chaotic for roads'

  • Of course, all this money needs to be received, processed and laundered in a way that protects the criminal enterprise, and there are numerous illicit techniques for hiring unsuspecting participants to take on the task.

    FORBES: The Rise of Crime-Sourcing

  • He did not have the benefit of training but is in no doubt about what he would include in any course for candidates to take on the task of fighting evil in the raw - and the qualities needed of any would-be exorcist.

    BBC: Roman Catholic priest

  • The second stage will, as the special committee gets set up and begins to take on the task of putting forward a proposal -- we obviously believe that -- and I think most people believe that the issues that remain to be addressed here are entitlement reform and tax reform.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • However, it will now be 45-year-old Dutchman Moniz, a former member of Spurs' backroom staff who followed Jol to Hamburg, who has the task of trying to take the Germans to a decider against either Atletico Madrid or Liverpool.

    BBC: Hamburg axe coach Bruno Labbadia

  • While it would be great to hear from Senator Cruz why his perspective is so clearly different in 2013 than it was in 2008, he might wish to give some thought to his own shifting understanding of the 2nd Amendment before presuming to take Senator Feinstein, or anyone else, to task for what Cruz perceives as shortcomings in their own grasp of the law.

    FORBES: Meet Ted Cruz-Second Amendment Hypocrite

  • During an hourlong interview in Korn's colonial-style bungalow in central Bangkok (his workplace and an ersatz meeting hall for the opposition), he was at pains to explain how he wants to promote investment in Thailand yet take Thaksin, and even Temasek, to task over the Shin sale.

    FORBES: After Thaksin

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