• When reporters asked him whether he could demonstrate his loyalty to party inquisitors, he offered to swear on the bones of a saint, pull a sword out of a stone—whatever was demanded of him.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Minimum service means they show up most of the time, they may show up on time and they may not swear while on the clock or be excessively rude, sarcasm will remain.

    FORBES: Why Is Great Service So Rare?

  • The Supreme Court ruled that the government could threaten broadcasters with fines over even a single swear-word on live television.

    ECONOMIST: Politics this week

  • Distraught by the memory, Azucena makes Manrico swear to take revenge on the Count di Luna.

    NPR: Improbable Beauty: Verdi's 'Il Trovatore'

  • Mr. VERRALL: But the people still swear by putting it on your blueberries, and it works great, so.

    NPR: Vegetable Gardening On A Budget

  • Some of the industry giants who announced fuel cells a few years ago swear they are finally on the verge of manufacturing them in quantity.

    FORBES: Pip-squeak Power Plant

  • Many of these announcements came at a ceremony on January 8th to swear in the new cabinet.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • Local mayors on the French side swear they will bar the heavier trucks when the tunnel reopens in September.

    ECONOMIST: Switzerland

  • The army has promised a nice ceremony on June 30th to swear in a new head of state, once the election commission it appointed decides whom to endorse.

    ECONOMIST: Turmoil in Egypt

  • Immediately, his passengers were made members of the Right Wheel Group or the Left Wing Club, and Mr Laker would appear at Gatwick with a Bible on which they would swear club allegiance if the airline snoops were watching.

    ECONOMIST: Freddie Laker

  • The limitations on their rights that you, in your constitutional authority impose, and that they accept voluntarily and swear to uphold, preclude their active engagement or their open-voiced views on this issue.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Message from a Marine: Don’t Break the Military

  • Washington's static analysts, mired in their rigid, wrongheaded theories, would swear up and down that attendance would be the same on Mondays as it would be on Tuesdays.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • And I could swear I saw an old bearded man wandering through the terminal chewing on an unlit Tyrolean gesteckpfeife.

    FORBES: Interlude: Frankfurt International Airport and Feeble Attempts at German

  • They swear to us this is a business story that they've working on about the price of hops, going up and maybe your six pack, but they've been weaving around the office for about the past week.

    NPR: New Hampshire Voters Shake Up the Race

  • For every short-run optimist on India I met on a recent swing through other parts of Asia, I heard another swear off the place.


  • On Monday, Chavez spoke to the people of Venezuela on television in an appearance at government house where he was set to swear in new ministers.

    FORBES: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Shaves His Head Because Of Chemotherapy

  • Not only are they unlikely even to see these brands on the shelves a year or even a month later, consumers might swear off New Zealand wine for good after the first sip.

    FORBES: New Zealand Whine

  • Workers who swear a lot at home or in their social circles often find it difficult to turn on their filter when in a heated discussion with colleagues.

    FORBES: Dirty Words Can Cost You a Promotion

  • Israel's medical authorities recently tightened the guidelines on funding overseas transplants: State medical insurance will now reimburse overseas transplants only if donor and recipient swear, and the hospital confirms, the transplant was done for altruistic reasons.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

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