• This relentless process has seen China's deserts merge as they swallow up more precious land.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Facebook's apology and changes to Beacon seem to have appeased that angry minority before it could swallow up the site.

    FORBES: How Silicon Valley Says 'Sorry'

  • With inflation so low, households have been borrowing more because interest payments do not swallow up so much of their income.

    ECONOMIST: The economy

  • EU, with the inner union developing into something much more akin to the superstate that Eurosceptics fear would swallow up their own countries.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • And that balance sheet is strong enough today to take on more debt if a bigger fish was out there that Dell wanted to swallow up.

    FORBES: For Shareholders And The Company, Is It All's Well That Ends Dell?

  • Even after years of austerity, taxes and government spending still swallow up a bigger share of output in the Nordic region than in most other rich countries.

    ECONOMIST: Remodelling Scandinavia

  • Eventually, that vacuum will swallow up whatever memories are left.

    NEWYORKER: Town of Cats

  • The Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean constitute a vast area that swallow up the small boats of the innumerable desperate tribesmen willing to take a chance for riches.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Pirate outlaws, outlaw state

  • In an extreme case of the newsworthiness bias at work, news outlets ran stories about how the new cyclotron in Switzerland might just create a black hole that would instantly swallow up the earth.

    FORBES: Shocking Truth: Newsworthiness Bias Crushes Women and Children

  • And, since they did not have vast deficits to swallow up the early windfalls of the boom (all but Vermont have balanced-budget requirements), the governors have been pulling off an impressive feat for years: cutting taxes while increasing both spending and surpluses.

    ECONOMIST: A praline kind of party

  • EU's new foreign-policy chief, will also be put in charge of the ten-nation Western European Union, a weak but explicitly military organisation which the larger body is now expected to swallow up, though this raises awkward questions about countries more involved with one than the other.

    ECONOMIST: The EU turns its attention from ploughshares to swords

  • But unlike his England colleague Andy Caddick, who on an off day looks like he wants the ground to swallow him up, Hoggard is always eager.

    BBC: Hoggard the unbreakable

  • Henry tries to swallow the panic seeping up into his throat like acid.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Woodsburner'

  • With eight minutes gone, he must have wanted part of the rain-sodden pitch to open up and swallow him whole.

    BBC: England 2-3 Croatia

  • So we opted for a sombre burial in the Greenhouse, under the shade of the tallest of the mangroves, though in truth it meant a slightly watery grave after all, stuff seeping up through the muck to swallow the foot, bubbles of mud detaching and floating among us during our tiny, foot-size ritual observances.

    NEWYORKER: Lostronaut

  • We still think this could end up being a tough pill to swallow for a lot of power users who've graduated to SlingPlayer Mobile, but with simpler devices like the Samsung Access (pictured) in the mix for Mobile TV, who knows -- they might find a target demographic yet.

    ENGADGET: AT&T Mobile TV: May 4th in three packages? Mobile

  • To shore up votes for Kadima and Labor, the media had to swallow their pacifist pride and rally around the flag.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Israel's media star chambers

  • He says that Americans will never give up their guns, and the anti-gun lobby have to swallow that.

    BBC: 'Gun fight' over the US constitution

  • The funding amendment may wind up as one of many bitter pills the White House has to swallow to get a budget deal done and keep the government operating.

    FORBES: Deep in the Net Neutrality Trenches

  • Germans stay longer in hospital than almost everyone else, have more x-ray and ultra-sound examinations, swallow more medicines, and visit the doctor more often: researchers say that up to a half of consultations are unnecessary.

    ECONOMIST: Germany's health-care reform

  • Of course, while giving up national control over the banking system will be more acceptable for voters than giving up the right to set fiscal policy, national governments will still find this hard to swallow.

    FORBES: A Better Solution For The Euro Crisis: Europeanization Of Banking

  • While it's undeniably true that O'Neill is animated on the sidelines and seems as emotionally invested as any manager in the sport not a coincidence, as he grew up a Sunderland fan in Belfast those kinds of metaphysical explanations are tough to swallow.

    WSJ: Martin O'Neill: The Whodunit on Sunderland's Sideline

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