• It is also important to note the stringency of the requirements for a second-degree murder charge.


  • As unexpectedly high tax revenues keep pouring in, congressmen have surpluses, not stringency, on their minds.

    ECONOMIST: The budget and Congress

  • The stringency of the agreement's terms depend on whether Google makes money from a particular search service.

    CNN: Google in peace deal with Brussels

  • For all the talk of fiscal stringency, tax rises and spending cuts are only beginning to bite.

    ECONOMIST: Economic stumbles

  • By enacting legislation premised on incomplete and incorrect science, unnecessary regulatory stringency cost Americans untold billions of dollars.

    FORBES: The EPA: The Worst of Many Rogue Federal Agencies, Part II

  • In particular there were concerns about schools being expected to make budget savings in times of financial stringency.

    BBC: Programme for Government

  • What puzzles exhausted passengers arriving at Heathrow, however, is not the stringency of the immigration controls but the incompetence of the operation.

    ECONOMIST: Border security

  • The White House seems to have an inkling it can't fire Lerner: Klein as well as Marshall emphasized the stringency of civil-service rules.

    WSJ: Best of the Web Today: Why Did Lois Lerner Take the Fifth?

  • This breadth of view, so welcome in itself, has unfortunate consequences when not matched by stringency in argument and a feel for political detail.

    ECONOMIST: The morals of intervention

  • There are schools that have recently announced they are adding football, which strikes me as an incredibly dubious move in these times of budget stringency.

    FORBES: The College Athletic Cost Explosion Spreads to Divisions II & III

  • "In a time of economic stringency I do not think it is acceptable for individual commuters to face significantly above average fare increases, " he said.

    BBC: Cost of train travel could fall

  • Beneath all this lie deeper fears about Spain's injured banks, the stringency of the government's fiscal plans, and the impact of both on an already weak economy.

    ECONOMIST: Return of the euro crisis

  • The stringency of the early 1990s pushed managers to spend as effectively as possible what cash there was: clinic treatment yes, hospital no, except when strictly necessary.


  • Using various indicators to gauge the stringency of product-market regulation and the cost of hiring and firing workers, the study finds strong evidence that heavy-handed regulation reduces productivity.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • While bankrupts blame the prime minister for the austere economic climate, the markets worry that he is not austere enough, and is prepared to sacrifice financial stringency for political expediency.

    ECONOMIST: The relegation of Thailand | The

  • There is, in short, no reason to expect Mr Duisenberg and his bank to be anything other than stern and independent, at least at the outset, though what might happen if political fashion turned against monetary stringency is another matter.

    ECONOMIST: Wim Duisenberg, in the rough

  • It has not called into serious doubt the bank's initial anti-inflationary zeal economic conditions are improving and national governments currently favour macroeconomic stringency but rather it has damaged the bank's credibility as an independent entity for a time when conditions turn less favourable.

    ECONOMIST: Enter the euro

  • The hope seems to be that, sooner or later, the ringgit will reach a level that is so obviously undervalued that it will bounce back of its own accord, without the painful period of monetary stringency seen in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

    ECONOMIST: Banking in Malaysia: Next in line? | The

  • This White House has never been fussy when a statutory text or even the Constitution interferes with its political ambitions. (See ObamaCare, immigration executive orders, recess appointments and much else.) Could it be that Mr. Obama is exaggerating the legal stringency of the sequester in a gambit to force Congress to shut it off?

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: The Sequester Revelation

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