• And now the two brothers ride a specially-made tandem bike, with Deven leading the way.

    WHITEHOUSE: Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride

  • Stcherbina, now wearing a specially-made neck, chest and head support, will continue his recovery in Bristol.

    BBC: Injured Stcherbina to return home

  • Specially-made episodes of his adventures have recently become a success in the United States, gaining more viewers than home-grown favourite Sesame Street.

    BBC: Noddy in virtual toyland

  • Firing a mixture of balls from a specially-made bowling machine he found the white balls deviated from a straight path much more than the red ones.

    BBC: Does the white ball behave differently?

  • MPs who have collected names on a petition can put it in a specially-made sack on the back of the Speaker's chair, ready for it to be considered by the government.


  • The specially-made Zil took six years to complete.

    BBC: Quiz of the week's news

  • Benedict XVI will also give up wearing his specially-made red leather loafers, instead wearing brown shoes hand made for him by a Mexican craftsman during a brief visit to Mexico last year, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said on Tuesday.

    BBC: Benedict XVI to be known as 'pope emeritus'

  • Alternatively they could go to someone like Mr Zygmuntowicz, Mr Greiner or another well-established modern violin-maker and get a beautifully hand-crafted instrument specially made for them at a price they can afford.

    ECONOMIST: Violin-making

  • By next year Honeywell will develop a one-megabit MRAM chip specially made for military satellites.

    FORBES: Total Recall

  • By next year Honeywell (nyse: HON - news - people ) will develop a one-megabit MRAM chip specially made for military satellites.

    FORBES: Total Recall

  • The mints and snuff are made with specially cured tobacco that contains fewer so-called tobacco-specific nitrosamines powerful carcinogens formed from nicotine and other alkaloids during tobacco fermentation than regular cigarettes.

    FORBES: Blowing smoke

  • But its graphics components are specially made graphics chips from Nvidia (nasdaq: NVDA - news - people ), not the usual graphics chips you'll find in a PC.

    FORBES: Xbox Success? Not So Fast

  • His massive support apparatus, which includes thousands of servants, bodyguards, and chefs, comes replete with a harem -- known as the "satisfaction corps" -- made up of dozens of women who have been specially trained to administer to the needs of Kim.


  • Tom Quigley, an IRS public-affairs officer, showed up at the Manhattan office with an IRS flag he had specially made for the occasion.

    CNN: We Work For You!

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