• The annual week of vacation at a Midwest beach town, in this case South Haven, Michigan, affords the city dweller that most American of cultural experiences: a trip to Wal-Mart ( WMT).

    FORBES: Investors Are Not That Impressed With Wal-Mart

  • Also, Asian currencies outside of South Korea haven't risen much against the dollar, and the lack of transparency in some enterprises in the region continues to thwart our estimations.

    FORBES: Asians in Waiting

  • Kenya may not be as sexy as South Africa, but as a haven of stability and prosperity in eastern Africa the quality of its democracy matters.

    ECONOMIST: Democracy in Africa

  • Haier is now producing in South Carolina as well, but things haven't always gone well at the overseas facilities of Chinese producers.

    FORBES: The long march to marketing

  • The South Florida city has been an urban safe haven from international political instability for decades, but recently, it has welcomed an unprecedented surge in buyers of super luxury homes.

    FORBES: Inside America's Billionaire Housing Boom

  • Insiders close to Pizango said from the beginning that he was operating under Hugo Chavez's orders, which had provided him and his followers with financing, promising them a safe haven just in case things went south.


  • The Damascus slum of Nahr Aisha, in the south of the city, has become a temporary haven to hundreds of families from the stricken provinces.

    ECONOMIST: Syria after the big bomb

  • Fundamentalism remains a force in South-East Asia, and lawless Cambodia is no safe haven.

    ECONOMIST: Cambodia and Islamism

  • We haven't taken a step in the six-party process without closely coordinating and checking with the South Koreans before we've done anything.


  • Vehicles made at a joint venture in Canada haven't sold particularly well, but GM has made a lot of money selling rebadged Suzukis in South America.

    FORBES: Companies & Strategies

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